Madonna Makes Out With Rapper Tokischa While Singing “Hung Up” At NYC Pride Event

Posted June 24, 2022 by with 3 comments

I appreciate Madonna, a cultural fixture and icon for almost my entire life, and consider many of her albums among my favorite albums of all time, so I’m not going to say anything about the performance she gave last night at a Pride event in New York. Here was one of her songs—a remixed and almost lifeless version (ahh! I said I wasn’t going to say anything) of “Hung Up”—in which she was joined by a rapper from the Dominican Republic named Tokischa. They make out at the end, and…I’d better leave it at that:

One thing I will say: Is literally everyone in the audience a fucking zombie? All those phones, and people just standing there, holding them up in the air without moving. It’s the saddest and weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, like some dystopian freak show. The last concert I went to was, coincidentally, Madonna’s Madame X concert in L.A., and I remember being so grateful that she banned phones from the show. I know some people who attend concerts don’t actually watch the concerts anymore, but it looks like the entire crowd at this one is completely zoned out, more concerned with the tiny glass screens practically glued to their dead faces than the live entertainment that’s going on right in front of them. Horrifying.

One of Madonna’s best performances of “Hung Up” was at Coachella in 2006 (helped by an exuberant and joyous crowd), so I’ll leave you with that video to hopefully help erase last night’s performance from your memory:

The Grammys’ version from the same year was good, too, and obviously filmed better (the dancer in the maroon jacket is so hot):