Madonna’s Second Show In London Cut Off Before Encore Due To Curfew

Posted October 16, 2023 by with 9 comments

I’ve been (somewhat) joking to friends that Madonna would only make it through three shows before the tour would be canceled. Last night, during the second show, the concert was cut off and ended abruptly due to Madonna starting late and there being an 11pm curfew at London’s O2 Arena, so it looks like the troubles are already beginning. Via Showbiz411:

Last night at the O2 Arena Madonna started late and got cut off at her second show.

The word put out was that the O2 had electrical problems so Madonna began her Celebration show at least a half an hour late.

But Madonna is famous for not making start times. On her last tour, if she made it within an hour the audience was lucky.

London and the O2 have a curfew, however. And so at 11pm, they pulled the plug on Madame X. Fans say four or five songs were missing after the abrupt ending.


It wasn’t “four or five” songs, it was only two. The show ended right after Madonna performed “Rain,” and there would’ve been an encore after that, beginning with a video interlude of “Like A Virgin” and “Billie Jean” (Madonna isn’t on stage for this). Then, she comes out to sing “Bitch I’m Madonna” and a final medley of “Celebration” and “Music.” So, to be fair, fans didn’t miss much, as literally no one cares about “Bitch I’m Madonna” or “Celebration,” and we’ve seen “Music” performed in every single tour since 2001. Here’s the set list:

Given Madonna isn’t pushing herself too hard physically for this tour (she sits down in chairs and stands still in a flying box thing for several numbers), maybe there won’t be too many cancellations? Here was the boring end to night two, cutting off early right after “Rain”:

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