Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” Surges On Charts After Being Featured In Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

Posted April 24, 2024 by with 12 comments

Madonna is the “Like A Prayer” songwriter (along with Patrick Leonard), so she presumably took in a nice chunk of change for licensing the song to Disney/Marvel. Not that she needs any more money. The song is used quite well in the trailer, and now the single is moving up the charts, sitting at #76 on iTunes today, although it was already #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for three weeks in 1989. 35 years later, it’s of course a song that everyone immediately recognizes. Try getting anyone to remember a single song from someone like Taylor Swift 35 years from now. It’ll literally never happen.

The report above is from ABC, and below is the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. I saw the first Deadpool a long time ago and thought it was pretty good, although I remember getting bored whenever it tried to be “funny,” and the guy in the suit (Ryan Reynolds, who I now associate more with those cell phone commercials) was annoying.

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