MAGA City Councilman Chris Kilpatrick Forced To Resign After Being Caught On Camera Urinating In Public Outside L.A. Gay Bar

Posted March 14, 2024 by with 8 comments

Chris Kilpatrick, the president of a small town council in inland Los Angeles County called Crescenta Valley, was forced to resign today after video was posted online showing Kilpatrick urinating in public on an employee entrance door outside popular downtown L.A. gay bar Precinct DTLA. The pee tape was posted by Precinct two days ago, before anyone had identified the man as Kilpatrick, and before anyone knew he was an elected official:

Moments after Kilpatrick and his boyfriend were seen illegally exposing themselves in public and peeing on the door, Kilpatrick allegedly assaulted a Precinct manager who attempted to retrieve cocktail glasses that the duo had removed, also illegally, from inside the bar. That manager was none other than Jeremy Lucido (former Randy Blue director), who gave an interview to KTLA in the report below. Lucido (whose name is misspelled in KTLA’s chyron) appears at 1:30, after the golden shower video:

A few hours ago, the Crescenta Valley Town Council announced that Kilpatrick has resigned from the council, as seen in this brief letter:

Chris Kilpatrick is one of those deranged gay Republicans who supports Donald Trump, so the pee tape and his obvious belief that he’s above the law certainly falls in line with the MAGA lifestyle. Images from his pulled down Instagram and inactive Twitter are below, which include the description “100% American” along with a MAGA hashtag:

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