MAGA Fascists Launch Another Brawl In Glendale Over LGBT Curriculum In School

Posted June 21, 2023 by with 2 comments

We knew these deranged motherfuckers had no lives, but don’t these MAGA fascists pretending to be parents have, like, jobs? Families to raise? Any interests that don’t involve violence and hatred? Apparently not. As seen in the local news report below, they were at it again yesterday, feigning outrage over gay curriculum being taught in a Glendale school district. Note that the tiny fraction of a fraction of educational material involving LGBTs is part of state curriculum throughout California, so there’s no stopping it. Here’s worthless KTLA (which is owned by conglomerate Nexstar Media Group) once again failing to report who these people actually are and the Christofascists behind the whole movement:

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