MAGA Fascists Protest L.A. Dodgers Gay Pride Night For Including Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence

Posted June 16, 2023 by with 3 comments

Interestingly, none of these so-called “religious” protesters (and, to be clear, most of these shit-for-brains freaks are just more of the same MAGA fascists, white supremacists, and Patriot Front Proud Boy ghouls who roam the country looking to spread hatred and violence) are ever seen protesting the Catholic church and all the thousands of priests who’ve spent centuries raping millions of children as part of the largest and most evil criminal organization in the history of mankind. I wonder why.

Our worthless local media here in southern California did a nice job sugarcoating the nature of the psychotic crowd (which looked like about four or five hundred, not “thousands”) and who actually organized this, painting them as just everyday people standing up for their “faith.” There were perhaps a handful of those types of people present, but the signs bobbing up and down in the background prove that this was about one thing: Hatred of gays. Note this one spotted in the live shot below, which reads “LGBT is criminal” and has a line drawn through the rainbow:

Here’s the video where you’ll see that sign above, even as the bimbo reporter interviews two Catholic Dodgers fans who say they’re “offended” by the Sisters’ “mocking” of the Catholic faith. Child rape and sexual abuse is one thing, but for these Dodgers fans, being made fun of by men dressed as nuns is a line that can’t be crossed, and it’s time to take to the streets!

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