MAGA Mayoral Candidate Tried To Block City’s Gay Pride, But Her Husband Once Marched In Gay Pride Parade While Nearly Naked

Posted September 27, 2023 by with 7 comments

[image of NewsChannel5’s Phil Williams confronting the anti-gay mayoral candidate’s husband with a photo of him nearly naked and marching in a gay pride parade]

Whoops. Via NewsChannel5 in Nashville:

Gabrielle Hanson, a first-term alderman, bolstered her MAGA credentials earlier this year and launched a campaign for Franklin mayor after leading a bitter, but unsuccessful battle to block a Pride festival from being held at a city park.

She claimed it was necessary to protect innocent children.

Yet, NewsChannel 5 Investigates obtained a 2008 photo of Tom Hanson, wearing only the tiny red, white, and blue swimsuit in the middle of a downtown Chicago street during the city’s annual Pride Parade. Other images depict scenes that Gabrielle Hanson has insisted should not be occurring in public, including flamboyantly attired drag queens.


The full photo of the nearly-nude husband marching in the Pride parade is at the link, along with more details on the MAGA mayoral candidate. I believe the station will have a video report of Phil Williams (who’s done exceptional reporting in the past) confronting the husband later tonight.

Like all MAGAts, this mayoral candidate is a psychotic conwoman, and earlier this week, the same news station caught her in an insane lie about a school shooting from last year. That report is here.

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