Man Has Emergency Surgery After Putting Live Eel Up Anus To Relieve Constipation

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As you might imagine, things did not go as planned when a man tried to relieve his constipation by putting a live eel inside of his anus. Via DailyStar:

A bloke in Poland inserted a live eel into his anus to treat constipation, but the animal then caused a hole in his bowel and he needed surgery to get it out.

The 3cm perforation was a direct “result of the eel trying to get out”, according to Polish media, citing a Facebook post by a page called “STOP The Bleed – Polska”.

It is believed his actions were caused by his belief in a “folk remedy” that says an eel can help with bowel movement.

The man presented himself to an unspecified hospital in Poland and doctors found he had peritonitis, a redness and swelling (inflammation) of the lining of your belly or abdomen.

They were reportedly “shocked” to find why he had said inflammation.

“The eel did everything it could to get out of the man’s body. As a result, there was a perforation of the final section of the digestive tract,” the title reported.

The original Facebook post read: “During emergency laparotomy, a 3-centimeter perforation was found – the result of an eel trying to get out. The rectum was divided at the perforation site, and the proximal end was brought out as a colostomy.”


If this story sounds familiar, that’s because the same thing happened to another moronic man a few years ago in China.

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