Man Hospitalized After Shoving AA Battery Into His Penis

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I’m not sure how this is even possible, given the size of a AA battery compared to the size of the urethra opening at the tip of the penis, but he must’ve had to do a lot of stretching and squeezing. Via NYPost:

An Iranian man was forced to go to the emergency room after shoving a AA battery down his penis in a grotesque stunt worthy of the new Discovery+ series “This Came Out of Me.”

The fiasco came to light after the unnamed 49-year-old reported to a hospital in Tehran, where he informed doctors that he had the charging device lodged in his genital organ for 24 hours, according to a new case study published in the medical journal Urology Case Reports.

During a followup visit, the patient complained of a “recurrence of obstructive and irritating urinary symptoms including dysuria, decreased urinary force.” He also reportedly experienced a burning sensation whenever he tried to urinate.

Meanwhile, subsequent X-rays revealed “severe and progressive” scarring to his urethra, which mitigated the amount of fluids that could flow through the tube. Doctors surmised that the scar tissue build-up could’ve been caused by toxic chemicals in the battery.

To prevent permanent damage, surgeons sliced open the patient’s perineum — the tissue connecting his penis and anus — so they could access the urethra without harming his testicles.

They then removed the energizing infiltrator and used a skin graft from the inside of his cheeks and lips to repair the urethral damage.

The man was discharged from the hospital after a three-week observation period, whereupon a six-month checkup revealed that he had fully recovered from the phallic fiasco.

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