Man In MAGA Hat Firebombs Oklahoma Donut Shop After Drag Show

Posted November 3, 2022 by with 4 comments

While the picture is a little blurry, that’s likely a MAGA hat that the arsonist is wearing. He was presumably inspired by online hate speech spread by people like Chaya Raichik (a.k.a. “LibsOfTikTok” on Elon Musk’s social media site), who encourage bigots to attack LGBT-friendly businesses and services. The donut shop had hosted a drag event just before the bombing, and it was scheduled to host another one this week. Via ABC8 in Tulsa:

Statement from the donut shop:

Last night we had the privilege of being able to be a part of the vision of The Queens Dirty Dozen; An art installation donut shop ran [sic] by drag queens. The event was an enormous success with over 500 guests attending, and an overwhelming reaction of laughing, jokes, fun and good times were had by all.

A GoFundMe for the donut shop is here.