Man Jumps Off Boat And Strips Completely Naked On Disneyland’s “Small World” Ride

Posted November 26, 2023 by with 10 comments

Today in naked American men losing their minds in public, we have a naked man who decided to take off all his clothes at the happiest place on earth, and the person who tweeted the above video wins the award for best caption. I think a ticket to get inside Disneyland costs at least $100, so you would think someone with that kind of cash to spare wouldn’t be this crazy? Then again, even people with money can be nuts.

The man who stripped naked and jumped off a boat while riding the It’s A Small World attraction (perhaps the most boring theme park ride of all time, until today) at Disneyland was later arrested, via Deadline:

A Disneyland park guest in Anaheim, California was arrested and escorted off the property by local authorities after stripping off their clothes during the It’s A Small World attraction.

The incident happened on Sunday afternoon during the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. A Disneyland Resort representative told Deadline that the guest got off the ride while it was in motion and the attraction was stopped when park operators were made aware of the situation.

It would’ve been funnier if he did this on Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean, but maybe the lines were too long for those attractions, and he just couldn’t wait to strip down. More videos of the incident: