Man Strips Naked And Jumps On St. Peter’s Basilica Altar In Vatican To Protest Ukraine War

Posted June 2, 2023 by with 4 comments

Not sure why the Twitter account that had a photo of the incident put a weird watermark (I assume it’s a watermark from someone trying to get their brand to go viral, and it’s not a real banner hanging inside the church?!) on the photo that reads “Welcome to Favelas,” but the image above is the only one being shared online at the moment. Here’s what happened, via Sky:

He was visiting St Peter’s Basilica, a church in Vatican City, when he stripped off his clothes and stood naked on its holy table.

An inscription on the man’s back called for the children of Ukraine to be saved, in an apparent demonstration against Russia’s invasion, a Vatican source said.

Guards handed the man, who had self-inflicted cuts on his body from his fingernails, over to Italian police, the source said.

The incident occurred just before the basilica closed on Thursday.


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