Man Who Dismembered Wife And Dumped Body Parts In Trash Makes First Court Appearance Shirtless

Posted December 8, 2023 by with 5 comments

As you’ll recall, a woman’s dismembered torso was found in an Encino dumpster last month, and now the man who murdered her had his first court appearance today. The man, Samuel Haskell, is the son of a former Hollywood agent, and based on his appearance in the video below, it looks like he’s on suicide watch. Via KTLA:

He’s presumably wearing the garment around his waist because they aren’t allowing him to wear any clothing that he could use to strangle himself, which would include underwear and pants. The vest (it’s not clear why he doesn’t have one covering his top half?) is also called an “anti-suicide smock,” and because they kept mentioning it in the report, I wanted to know more about it. The smock has its own Wikipedia:

The thickness of the garment makes it impossible to roll or fold the garment so it can’t be used as a noose. It is not a restraint and provides modesty and warmth while not impeding the mobility of the wearer. The suit covers all private areas as the wearer is to be naked under the suit for their own protection.

These items are formally known as Safety Smocks and were designed and developed by Lonna Speer in 1989 while she was a nurse working in the Santa Cruz, California, county jail. Safety Smocks are now standard issue throughout jails and prisons in the United States.