Manhunt Underway For Naked Tourist Who Meditated On Sacred Hindu Shrine

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Well, I can understand why they would launch a manhunt to find this tourist…

Via Mirror:

A manhunt is underway for a tourist who was filmed meditating naked at a Hindu shrine in Bali.

The case gained widespread attention after Balinese influencer Ni Luh Djelantik reposted the video over the weekend – causing it to go viral. In the video, the unnamed tourist can be seen meditating beside a shrine with his eyes closed in the lotus position. The footage includes English text that appears to give a backstory from the meditator in question.

The man said he was sad the video had gone viral as it had been spun negatively. He claimed that he was allowed to meditate there as the land was technically his. He said while holidaying he met a Balinese rice farmer who was struggling to maintain his finances, so he wanted to help him with a loan.

In her repost of the video, Djelantik furiously wrote: “Harassment against places of worship must be actioned strongly!!! We are fed up with the behaviour of trash tourists who insult our homeland.” Immigration Office head Tedy Riyandi said in a statement that they were still carrying out investigations regarding the incident. He said they had identified the man but had not released his name and nationality. Riyandi said the search was being coordinated with Bali police and they were still trying to assess the location and time of the incident.


I have no idea what he’s talking about in the captions and don’t really care about this story at all, if I’m being honest, but here’s the hot viral video of the naked man masturba, I mean meditating:

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