Man’s Penis Rots From The Inside After Shoving 3 Batteries Up His Urethra

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Seems odd to have to say, “don’t put battery acid up your dick,” but…don’t put battery acid up your dick. You can literally die, or, even worse, your dick can fall off. (Watch someone leave a comment below accusing me of “kink shaming” people who have a fetish for battery acid.)

Via US Sun:

A man’s penis rotted from the inside after he shoved three batteries up his urethra, medics have revealed. The 73-year-old Australian waited a whole day before seeking medical attention because he couldn’t get the 1cm-wide button batteries back out.

He told doctors he had put them in there for “self-gratification purposes” and hadn’t suffered issues with the act in the past.

[US Sun]

More on how they got the batteries out at the link, including some delightful details on how the necrosis developed thanks to leaked battery acid destroying the shaft of his penis as it rotted from the inside. “Button batteries are corrosive and tissue liquefaction and necrosis can occur within two hours,” a doctor explained. Wow, no shit?

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