Maryland Hairstylist Found Guilty Of Sex Offenses And Falsely Imprisoning Woman While Doing Her Hair For Her Wedding

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[image of Cristiano and Jake Preston—who are NOT the hairstylist and client reported on in the story below—via]

Via Herald Mail Media:

A Washington County jury found a Hagerstown hair stylist guilty Thursday of committing misdemeanor sex offenses and false imprisonment of a female client two days before her wedding, but found him not guilty of more serious charges of second-degree rape. The case largely came down to a he-said, she-said. Both the victim and defendant Francisco Alexander Silva testified to certain acts occurring, though they differed in some specifics and characterization.

The events occurred the first week of September 2020 after the victim, then 23, went to Silva’s salon in his North End home to get her hair prepared for her wedding two days later. The offenses occurred after her hair was done.

Co-defense counsel Mikhaila Mc Nicolls argued it was a case of regret on behalf of a woman who was stressed by her impending wedding and whose family knows the hair stylist.

The jury of nine women and three men found Silva guilty of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sex offense-sex contact. Each of those counts is punishable by up to a year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine.

Both the woman and Silva testified to him performing oral sex on her in the kitchen near the salon chair area. What they differed about was how she got into the kitchen and whether it was interpreted as consensual.

There are a lot more details at the link, including testimony from the hairstylist that, at one point during her appointment, the woman pulled up her salon cape to show off her tattoos, and in the process showed him her pussy, as she wasn’t wearing underwear.

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