Maury Canceled After 30 Years

Posted March 20, 2022 by with 10 comments

I had no idea it was still on the air, but regardless, this is a sad day for women looking to learn the identity of their baby daddies. Maury will stop producing new shows this summer, with the final new episode set to air in September. Via Deadline:

Another syndicated daytime talk show is coming to an end: NBCUniversal’s veteran tabloid talker Maury, hosted and executive produced by Maury Povich. The show will end original productions at the end of this season, when Povich plans to retire. Original episodes will air through September, after which repeats of Maury will continue to air in syndication.

The Maury Povich Show was launched in 1991 by Paramount Domestic Television. It shortened its name to Maury in the mid-1990s. In 1998, Studio USA took over the program. The company was subsequently acquired by NBCUniversal.

[Deadline: ‘Maury’ Canceled: Syndicated Talk Show To End After Three Decades]

While Maury is best known for its “you are not the father” episodes, one of my favorites was the one about a woman named Mariah, who was deathly afraid of pickles. I think about Mariah often (even though she and the other guests were all actresses), and I wonder if she still runs for her life when she see pickles?

And, of course, perhaps one of the most unforgettable Maury guests of all time, the iconic teen Victoria:

Victoria, as you’ll recall, was parodied on South Park, with Cartman playing a version of her:

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