Medical Experts Advise “Caution” And Vaccines As COVID Continues To Infect, Kill, And Maim Millions Every Week

Posted November 20, 2023 by with 4 comments

There were 183,000 recorded cases of COVID just last week in the United States (and another 1,300 deaths in the last seven days), but that number is of course much higher given that most infections are no longer being reported, let alone diagnosed. Remember: Acknowledging the pandemic and the endless health problems it causes will hurt our precious economy and anger our capitalist corporate overlords, and we can’t have that. Wastewater data shows there are actually at least 5,000,000 new COVID infections every week right now, and while the news report below stresses vaccinations, the vaccines clearly do very little to prevent infection. (Hello, 81% of Americans have been vaccinated against COVID, and about 20% of Americans, myself included, have also received at least one booster shot.) Vaccines also do nothing to prevent long COVID after being infected, and it’s been horrifying to see so many vaccinated friends and family members contracting COVID, recovering from the initial illness, but then getting sick over and over and over again due to how the virus obliterates the immune system and destroys organs. These are people who were led to believe they have nothing to worry about, thanks to the vaccine. There is a brief mention of using face masks at the end of this report, but it almost looks like a tissue strapped around his wrist? The complete lack of public health messaging in this country is truly insane.

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