Michelle Pfeiffer, Colin Farrell, Jamie Lee Curtis And More Missing Awards Show Due To COVID Infections

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage out of control, infecting millions per day, killing thousands per week, and maiming or disabling thousands more every month, but the only time you hear about COVID now is when a celebrity becomes infected, thanks to the government and media refusing to acknowledge reality in the hopes that they can salvage the economy by acting like everything is “fine.” And how is that economy doing, by the way? $20 carton of eggs? Utility bills through the roof? Rents skyrocketing while home values plummet? Things are obviously not fine, and likely never will be again. But, I digress! This is about celebrities with COVID, and several of them are ill right now thanks to a superspreader event otherwise known as the Golden Globes that occurred last week. Yes, that disgraced, corrupt, and complete sham of an awards show came back from the dead, so perhaps it’s fitting that it’s resulted in several people being infected with a deadly virus. Jamie Lee Curtis, Colin Farrell, and Brendan Gleeson all tested positive after attending the worthless shitshow, and because of this, they won’t be able to attend the Critics Choice Awards (another pointless ceremony) tonight. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer will also be skipping the show due to her infection. Via Yahoo:

Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, was the first to announce that she would miss Sunday night’s award show after testing positive for COVID-19 following her attendance at the Golden Globes on Tuesday.

That star-studded affair also drew Colin Farrell — a winner for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy — and his Banshees of Inisherin co-star and supporting actor nominee Brendan Gleeson. On Saturday The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that both Farrell, 46, and Gleeson, 67, have also come down with COVID-19 and will not attend the Critics’ Choice Awards as planned.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, will also be a no-show, the actress told fans on Sunday. In an Instagram post, Pfeiffer shared that her own COVID-19 diagnosis meant she wouldn’t be on hand to celebrate Jeff Bridges — her co-star in The Fabulous Baker Boys — getting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the show.


At least Michelle Pfeiffer was smart enough not to go to the maskless Golden Globes. Hopefully she’ll have a swift recovery and won’t be plagued by the long term effects of COVID.

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