Mid-Air Meltdown: Former Baywatch Actress Punches And Spits On Old Man For Not Wearing Mask

Posted December 28, 2021 by with 8 comments

Anyone who gets on an airplane right now kind of has to expect that this will happen to you. It’s the American way!

After the spitting, “Now you’re double going to jail,” has me crying laughing.

Turns out, the “Delta Karen” is a former Baywatch actress and Playboy model, because of course:

The video has now been seen by nearly 10 million people, and the identity of ‘Karen” is now known. Patricia Cornwall is an actress and one-time cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, who goes by the stage name, Patty Breton. She’s appeared in both “Baywatch” and “Married … With Children,” and has reportedly posed in Playboy.

Cornwall was in the airplane aisle, briefly blocked by the beverage service on the flight, and was instructed to take a seat until the cart passed by.

Cornwall was arrested by police at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and was later taken into custody by the FBI, according to the New York Post. She posted a $20,000 bail and is allowed only to fly back home to Los Angeles.