Missouri Chiropractor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Multiple Patients

Posted September 25, 2023 by with 1 comment

What a complete shock, given how calming and gentle he appears.

Most of the chiropractor’s victims were members of the Amish community with little access to healthcare, making his already heinous crimes even more predatory and evil.

He’s currently out on bond, via Fox4:

Court documents say many of the victims were from the Amish community and lacked sex education and had little interaction with health providers. For many victims, Clark was their first interaction with medical personnel of any type, and for others, Clark was considered their primary “physician.”

Clark used his self-proclaimed title of Naturopath who offered multiple holistic treatments which the Amish are drawn to, to entice victims from across the country to travel to Health+Plus for appointments, court documents say.

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