Mormon Mother Famous For Parenting Videos On YouTube Charged With Felony Child Abuse

Posted September 6, 2023 by with 2 comments

A Mormon woman who became a millionaire by telling people how to (improperly) raise their children on YouTube has been arrested for nearly killing her own children. Sounds about right. Via NBC:

More on this sick fuck’s background here, including this:

Even before the news of Franke’s arrest, a string of expose-style videos and blog posts from other creators cataloged moment after moment of perceived toxic behavior.

Some of this criticism takes aim at the style of the content altogether, saying Franke is one of hundreds of content creators who force children, too young to consent, to trade their privacy for her financial gain.

But other concerns over 8 Passengers focused specifically on Franke and her strict parenting techniques — claims she openly abused her children in front of millions of eager viewers.

In one video, posted in June 2020, Franke’s then-15-year-old son said he’d slept on a beanbag chair for seven months after being banned from his shared bedroom for pranking his younger brother into believing he was being taken to Disneyland.