Multiple People Dead Following Mass Shooting At Historic Orange County Biker Bar

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After getting my license when I turned 16, I remember going for drives out in Orange County’s Santiago Canyon and passing it every time: “Cook’s Corner.” Today, I live about 15 minutes away from the famous biker bar, and I’ve never thought of it as being a dangerous place. It’s in the middle of suburban Orange County surrounded by multi-million dollar homes. Of course, everything is dangerous now. Four people were shot dead at Cook’s Corner a few hours ago, and six others were injured in the latest American mass shooting.

The shooter went to the bar looking for his ex-wife, and upon finding her, he opened fire on her and dozens of other patrons. It’s not known what, if anything, prompted the shooter’s killing spree, but the ex-wife’s father told the OC Register that he was a “crazy husband who couldn’t deal with the divorce.” The most recent update says that the ex-wife is going to survive the shooting, and the shooter, who was shot dead by responding deputies, was a former cop. Via OC Register:

It happened on Santiago Canyon Road at Cook’s Corner, a biker bar where it was Spaghetti Night. Deputies were called there around 7:04 p.m. and deputies arrived within four minutes.

William Mosby of Lake Forest heard the terrible news when he turned on TV station KCAL 9 (CBS Los Angeles).

He heard his daughter, Marie Snowling, was murdered, he said, as he walked with a cane to the Emergency Room at Providence Mission Hospital Mission Viejo.

“Her friend in the bar said she was shot in the lower jaw.”

Mosby found out from hospital staff that his daughter survived and was taken to UCI Medical Center.

“I’m extremely relieved, what I heard was the worst.”

Mosby said his daughter had gone through a divorce with her ex-husband, who was ex-law enforcement from where the couple once lived in the Camarillo area.

“He was a crazy husband, who couldn’t deal with the divorce.”

Mosby said Marie was headed over to the weekly spaghetti feed at Cook’s Corner on Wednesday night, just like every week.

“Friends started calling me and told me she’d been shot in the face.”

[OC Register]

KCAL reporting from the scene:

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