Multiple Texas Youth Pastors Arrested For Raping Children

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Today in religious leaders (who are neither gay, drag queens, or trans) raping children, we have not one, not two, not three, but four straight men who’ve been arrested for destroying the lives of countless children, and three of these sick freaks are, of course, youth pastors.

The two at the top of the image above are brothers Matthew Travis and Clark Travis, and they were arrested in connection to the arrest of the guy at the bottom right of the image, Dakota Shriver. The Travis brothers are youth pastors and leaders of a Texas church, and while Shriver is not a pastor, he joined the brothers in sexually assaulting at least five different children. All three have been charged with multiple felony counts of sexual assault, and here’s the report on Shriver, via Law&Crime:

On March 3, deputies arrested Dakota Shriver of Rockdale, Texas, on two second-degree felony counts of indecency of a child with sexual contact. According to KAGS, Shriver’s charges are related to late February charges brought against two brothers who served in leadership positions in local churches, according to KAGS.

Matthew Travis and Clark Travis were arrested one day apart for allegedly sexually assaulting at least five children following a nearly year-long investigation, according to KBTX. Citing “sources close to the investigation,” KBTX reported that the Travis brothers served “as spiritual leaders at Apostolic Life United Pentecostal Church in Buffalo and Centerville Apostolic Church in Centerville” and allegedly used their church leadership positions to sexually abuse teenagers.


And in a completely separate case involving yet another depraved Christian straight man arrested for sexually abusing children in the exact same Texas county, youth pastor Gary Buckaloo (the pig at the bottom left in the above collage of terror) has been charged with sexually abusing a child. Via KAGS:

Buckaloo has been charged with one count of Indecency of a Child with Sexual Contact and one count of Sex Abuse of a Child Continuous, according to authorities. The crimes are second and first degree felonies respectively. Buckaloo’s bond is set at $50,000 for each crime, totaling $100,000.


At this point, any parent allowing their child to come within 100 yards of any church or any religious leader is basically asking for their child to be raped.

Local news reports on the youth pastors’ arrests: