Mexican Man Claims His 18.9-Inch Penis Is A “Disability”

Posted January 20, 2017 by with 23 comments

This is incredibly sad. But also…LOL?

I posted about this 54-year-old Mexican man two years ago and assumed that his 18.9-inch penis wasn’t real, because it was never fully visible in the video and photos. Now, someone from a British tabloid (of course) has gone to Mexico and actually filmed a full blown, 12-minute documentary about the horse-hung man. Journalism!

Unfortunately, once again, the so-called penis is almost completely covered in bandages, and he could easily have something else hanging there, attached to his real penis. But, they actually interviewed a radiologist who took a CT of the penis(!!), and he reveals the truth about this penis. Spoiler alert: It’s actually about 12 inches of foreskin (which he’s been stretching out himself since he was a teen), and only 6.5 inches of penis.

Who knew the era of #fakenews would even include fake news about gigantic cocks.

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