Naked Man On Colorado Hiking Trail Arrested, Says He Doesn’t Remember Stalking Women Because He Was “Very High On Marijuana”

Posted August 11, 2023 by with 5 comments

As first reported last month, the Colorado hiking trail sexual predator has been caught. Arrest details via CBS:

According to the affidavit, Glenn Braden, 20, told deputies that he lives in Evergreen with his mother after moving to Colorado two years ago. On his days off from the restaurant where he works as a line cook, he said that he likes to go hiking in the mountain parks around Evergreen including Bergen Park, Genesee Mountain Park and Alderfer/Three Sisters. Deputies said he also admitted to hiking at Flying J Ranch Park.

Braden told deputies that he would hike the mountain park trails and “purposely expose his genitals to women he met along the way.” He also told investigators that “he didn’t remember much of what happened during these episodes because he would get very high on marijuana before hiking.” He also admitted to masturbating in front of some of the women. Braden told deputies that the women reacted with disgust.


More via NBC9: