Naked Man Rescued After Being Stuck Inside Bathroom Wall At Movie Theatre For 3 Days

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First that naked California lady had to be rescued out of an opening between two buildings that was less than one foot wide, and now a naked New York man had to be rescued after being stuck for three days inside the wall of a men’s bathroom at a movie theatre:

Officials say the 39-year-old man was stuck in a space inside the wall of the men’s bathroom completely naked for two to three days after he entered the theatre on Tuesday and climbed into a crawl space and was unable to get out.

On the morning of Friday, Nov. 5, Landmark Theatre’s Executive Director, Mike Intaglietta said staff members arrived to open the theatre and heard banging and someone calling for help.

Officials were able to remove the man from inside the wall after carefully cutting through several layers of drywall and structural clay tile.

Intaglietta says when the man entered the building on Tuesday, staff members confronted him, asking if he belonged there. The man walked straight past them and headed upstairs toward the men’s bathroom.

According to Intaglietta, staff members searched for the man but weren’t able to find him and assumed he had left the building.

Police say the man appeared to be suffering from a mental illness and will not be charged or identified.

Maybe he got hot while he was stuck, which is why he took his clothes off? These are very tough and very strange times for so many people. I’m glad he’s OK.

[WHAM: Naked man found stuck in wall of men’s bathroom at Landmark Theatre, rescued 3 days later]

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