Completely Naked Woman Goes On Violent (Yet Sexy?) Rampage At Airport While Hallucinating On Magic Mushrooms

Posted November 22, 2023 by with 4 comments

Another day, another naked person at an airport. Last month, there was that naked lady in Spain, and before that, there was that thicc naked man with the nice ass in Texas. Now, there was a woman allegedly on magic mushrooms at an airport in Chile last week, per a Chilean news outlet.

After randomly assaulting passersby and attempting to sexually assault a man, the woman then slapped a cop before she was finally restrained and taken away. In this clip below, the woman can be seen screaming at people, jumping up and down, and then yanking on another woman’s hair in an attempt to slam her to the ground:

And in the clip below (from DailyMail, of course), the naked woman is seen approaching a man whom she presumably doesn’t know, wrapping her legs around him, and attempting to kiss him. At first it looks like he might be into it(???), but he eventually realizes what’s happening and pushes her away: