Nathan Fielder Shows Off Micro Penis In The Curse Premiere

Posted November 13, 2023 by with 6 comments

Like most of the dicks we’ve seen on cable TV over the last few years, this one (allegedly belonging to Nathan Fielder’s character “Asher,” as seen above) was obviously a prosthetic. MensHealth explains Nathan Fielder’s micro penis scene from last night’s premiere of The Curse on Showtime:

During a family meal with Whitney’s parents Paul (Corbin Bernsen) and Elizabeth (Constance Schulman), Paul places a tiny carrot onto Whitney’s plate, and a giggling Whitney insists that this in-joke is “not funny.” It’s a scene that makes sense moments later, when we cut to a full-frontal shot of Asher urinating, and it is revealed that the character has a micropenis.

It’s far from a one-off sight gag. In a subsequent, deeply uncomfortable scene in Paul’s vegetable garden, it is made clear that Asher’s insecurities about his penis are affecting his marriage. His father-in-law gives him some advice while blithely urinating on his crops, revealing that he too has a micropenis.


The micro penises were neither funny nor shocking, and instead both scenes were boring. Here was Corbin Bernsen, who played the character of Emma Stone’s father:

Maybe it’ll improve in future episodes, but in its attempt to be cringe-inducing black comedy, The Curse just ended up being agonizingly slow, and it was painfully obvious how hard they were trying. The Comeback already did awkward reality TV satire better than anyone will ever be able to replicate, and The Curse creators were foolish to not have realized this.

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