Nebraska Woman Declared Dead Was Later Found Alive At Funeral Home, But Then She Died Again

Posted June 4, 2024 by with 2 comments

Via BBC:

A woman in Nebraska who was mistaken for dead at a nursing home and later found to be alive at a funeral home has now really died, authorities have confirmed. Constance Glantz, 74, was declared dead at a nursing home near the state capital of Lincoln on Monday. Staff at a local funeral home that she was then brought to noticed about two hours later that she was still breathing. They quickly performed CPR on her. Ms. Glantz was quickly taken to hospital, but officials said that she was later declared dead – for a second time – soon after.

What’s so crazy is that after she was declared dead the second time in the hospital, the lady then came back to life agai—just kidding! She only came back to life once. Still, that’s quite a way to go out. Not many people can say they were declared dead twice. Then again, pretty much no one can say they were declared dead once. I wonder if she died of something different the second time, and would they put two causes of death on her death certificate? Or, maybe she gets to have two separate death certificates? Iconic.

See, this is why I’m hesitant to be cremated. People are so fucking incompetent and untrained, and with my luck, I’d be pronounced “dead” like this lady was, but then I’d be waking up in box while being wheeled into a god damn furnace. Just bury me alive, Carly style.

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