Neighbors “Outraged” Over Squatters Who’ve Taken Over Beverly Hills Mansion

Posted January 27, 2024 by with 1 comment

You have to love that this is happening in one of the most luxurious and wealthy places on earth, where rich people thought they could get away from all the undesirable riff-raff. Surprise! This is California, after all, and there’s no escaping the real world, even in Beverly Hills, 90210. The video above from ABC doesn’t get to ownership of the mansion until halfway into their report, but it’s still completely unclear who the hell owns the place (ABC calls the situation “messy,” lol). And then…the guy at the very end with the pit bull?? Reminds me of somebody in a Quentin Tarantino movie from the 1990’s. None of this makes sense, which I guess is just the way everything is now. Nothing really matters, everything is pure nonsense.