Neo-Nazis March Through Downtown Nashville

Posted February 18, 2024 by with 7 comments

Enabled and emboldened by Trump, every U.S. member of congress who supports Trump, and every single Trump voter. In other words: The modern Republican party. All the inevitable and upcoming blood is 100% on all of their hands. Via NBC:

“Neo-Nazi demonstrators … carried flags with swastikas, walked around the Capitol and parts of downtown Saturday afternoon,” Nashville police said in a statement.

No arrests were reported, and the group left in a U-Haul box truck that ultimately exited greater Nashville, police said, indicating the demonstrators may have been from out of town.

The U-Haul seems to be the preferred neo-Nazi vehicle. As you’ll recall, dozens of white supremacists in a U-Haul were arrested in 2022 for planning a terror attack at an Idaho gay pride.

Another video from the march yesterday, with a bystander heckling the neo-Nazis:

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