Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott To Return In Scream 7

Posted March 12, 2024 by with 5 comments

After not being offered enough money to appear in the disastrous Scream 6 last year, actress Neve Campbell will reprise her iconic role as Sidney Prescott in the upcoming Scream 7, Campbell announced today in the Instagram post below. In equally good news, franchise creator Kevin Williamson is directing the sequel, marking the first time he’s directed one of the Scream movies. Williamson wrote the original Scream, along with parts two and four, so Scream 7 is in mostly good hands. (Williamson also wrote the fantastic The Faculty and Cursed, FYI.) I say “mostly” because Scream 7 is being written by the same person who wrote the very mediocre Scream 5 and the aforementioned awful Scream 6, so here’s hoping Williamson and Campbell’s involvement can inspire him to come up with a better script. That screenwriter, Guy Busick, did write the very fun Ready Or Not, so he’s certainly capable of good work. Fingers crossed. Campbell’s IG:

Given that Campbell is back, I would hope and presume that Courtney Cox will return as well. She had a thankless role in the last one, so they better give her more to say and do this time around. I could care less about any of the new characters from 5 and 6, so ideally none of them will return for 7. Although, one of them was unfairly fired because she spoke out against Israel’s genocide in Gaza, so there’s no way she’s coming back either way.

For what it’s worth, my grades of the Scream movies thus far:

Scream: A
Scream 2: A+
Scream 3: B+
Scream 4: A-
Scream 5: C-
Scream 6: F

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