New Jersey Health Officer Under Investigation After Receiving Half-Naked Massage On Video In Front Of City Employees

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Today in news that surprisingly didn’t happen in Florida, a New Jersey health officer is under investigation for receiving a massage (while wearing nothing but a bra and panties) on video and in front of other city employees. Why? Who knows, maybe this is just how they do things in New Jersey. Via

A five-minute video that shows Trenton’s health officer in her underwear receiving a massage in a conference room in front of other employees, according to a councilwoman, has triggered an investigation by the city and is being reviewed by the prosecutor’s office.

A since-deleted Instagram video forwarded to NJ Advance Media shows Yvette Graffie-Cooper wearing only a bra and panties as a woman uses a massage device to treat the health officer’s shoulders, arms, back, legs and stomach for cellulite reduction.

The video was recorded in a second-floor conference room at the city department of health and human services on North Broad Street, according to city councilwoman Robin Vaughn. Vaughn did not know when the video was taken, however, a date on the screen recording shows Feb. 24.

In the video, Graffie-Cooper is wearing a bra and shorts while the masseuse uses an electronic wand on her neck and shoulders. At other points in the video, Graffie-Cooper is wearing only her bra and underwear and is seen laying on her back on a massage table while employees, sitting at a conference table, watch.

Graffie-Cooper has been employed by the city for 19 years and declined to comment when reached by NJ Advance Media on Friday.

In a letter she sent to state Acting Attorney General Matt Platkin on Wednesday, Vaughn wrote “I demand that you act expeditiously to address that illicit and immoral behavior displayed on that video by a state-licensed municipal health official in front of her employees.”

[ Video of city worker in underwear getting a massage in front of employees prompts investigation]

On the one hand, it’s just a massage. On the other hand, were the employees there on the clock? And were they told to watch one of their superiors being rubbed down in their underwear? If so…what the fuck?

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