New York Times Outs Mayor Ed Koch

Posted May 8, 2022 by with 16 comments

I thought anyone with a pulse who was alive during his time as mayor (and the subsequent years when he hosted The People’s Court) knew about this queen, but apparently the New York Times thinks this is news. Yes, Ed Koch was gay, and there’s a long story about it today. An excerpt from the opening:

As his 70s ticked by, Mr. Koch described to a few friends a feeling he could not shake: a deep loneliness. He wanted to meet someone, he said. Did they know anyone who might be “partner material?” Someone “a little younger than me?” Someone to make up for lost time?

“I want a boyfriend,” he said to one friend, Charles Kaiser.

It was an aching admission, shared with only a few, from a politician whose brash ubiquity and relentless New York evangelism helped define the modern mayoralty, even as he strained to conceal an essential fact of his biography: Mr. Koch was gay.

[NYT: The Secrets Ed Koch Carried]

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