[UPDATED] Gay Porn Star Donte Thick Faces Backlash For Saying He Won’t Work With HIV-Positive Models Who Are Undetectable

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dontethiThis story has been updated below.

Despite widespread confirmation from the CDC and hundreds of experts, doctors, and researchers around the world that it’s essentially impossible for HIV-positive people with undetectable viral loads to sexually transmit the virus, there are still some people choosing to ignore that scientific fact. One of those people is gay porn star Donte Thick, who showed off his ignorance yesterday on Twitter (of course):


Thick’s tweet was in response to a tweet from performer Nick Fitt, who announced how he’d be voting at an industry trade group board meeting today as that group attempts to create STD testing guidelines for porn studios:

nikct1Since HIV-positive undetectable models have no chance of transmitting the virus to scene partners (or anyone else), Fitt and many others are hoping that the Free Speech Coalition will bring undetectable models into the FSC’s testing system (“FSC PASS“) that many studios use, so they can work equally alongside negative models.

Following Thick’s reply to Fitt, the NextDoorStudios exclusive faced swift backlash from fellow performers and fans for perpetuating HIV stigma, which many consider to be anti-gay, anti-science, anti-logic, and just plain dumb:

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What’s ironic about Thick’s tweets is that perpetuating HIV stigma can actually perpetuate the spread of HIV. And as uninformed as the tweets are, they can instill fear in those who might already be afraid of getting tested to begin with. (“What if I’m positive? I’ll be rejected!“) Or, there might even be some who are HIV-positive who see Thick’s tweets and subsequently feel reluctant to disclose their status out of fear of being shamed or rejected by their sex partners. In short: If Thick really cared about preventing HIV and protecting himself, he’d educate himself and learn the facts about how it can and can’t be transmitted.

Via HIVPlusMag in 2017:

After hundreds of other experts and HIV organizations have already signed on to a pledge that recognizes that people living with HIV whose treatment has brought their viral load to an undetectable level — which is nearly half of all HIV-positive people in the U.S. — do not transmit HIV to any other person, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come out with the definitive statement on the subject.

In recognition of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the CDC memo stated, “On this day, we join together in taking actions to prevent HIV among gay and bisexual men and ensure that all gay and bisexual men living with HIV get the care they need to stay healthy.” Gay and bisexual men, the CDC noted, continue to be disproportionately affected by HIV, with, “more than 26,000 gay and bisexual men received an HIV diagnosis in 2015, representing two-thirds of all new diagnoses in the United States, and diagnoses increased among Hispanic/Latino gay and bisexual men from 2010 to 2014.”

Although these findings are certainly disappointing, the letter’s key paragraph is not. Noting that research has shown that antiretroviral therapy both keeps people living with HIV healthy and has a preventative effect, the CDC writes, “When [antiretroviral treatment] results in viral suppression, defined as less than 200 copies/ml or undetectable levels, it prevents sexual HIV transmission.”

In other words, having one’s HIV suppressed to undetectable levels prevents transmission.

“Across three different studies, including thousands of couples and many thousand acts of sex without a condom or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP),” the statement continues, “no HIV transmissions to an HIV-negative partner were observed when the HIV-positive person was virally suppressed. This means that people who take ART daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner.”

UPDATE: Following the backlash to Thick’s tweets this afternoon, NextDoorStudios has told Str8UpGayPorn that they’ll no longer be filming with Thick, and his exclusive contract with them is now over. In a brief statement to Str8Up, a studio rep says, “Donte Thick was just released from NextDoorStudios.” After working with the studio for the last two years, Thick’s contract expired this month, and NextDoor says they’ve “chosen not to renew Mr. Thick’s contract.”


Now Donte Thick is claiming that it’s he who decided to no longer film with NextDoorStudios, and he made that decision two weeks ago:

  • Silver64

    Donte Thick is thick, not in the good way, as Fuck. He’s really got to educate himself.

  • Jay

    Donte, stop posting to twitter.

  • djmd

    So ignorant and insensitive and self-centered. this ignoramus publicly spews this ignorant hateful stigmatizing vitriol, Gurl please with your mediocre self… I agree with your twitter follower who said “looks like you need to find another line of work” aka: Dont let the door hit your narrow ass on the way out, boo…. BYE

  • txsaneman

    Whether he is right or wrong, he has a right to make personal health choices; no matter if those choices are incorrect or misguided. In general, if not personally or tangibly impacted, I don’t think other people should dictate the actions of others.

    • Zachary Sire

      I agree, but he should retire from porn then. People who are undetectable and pose zero risk can’t be blocked from working just because of someone else’s ignorance.

      • txsaneman

        Absolutely. He really should.

      • Snowzealot

        He can just decide not to take work based on that. The studios with the hottest dudes test for STDs because the elite talent doesn’t want to work with guys with STDs

      • Adam

        I’ll take the scientific consensus at face value that currently people who are undetectable pose no danger to their partners; but aren’t viruses notorious for mutating and becoming resistant to treatment? Aren’t there news stories every year about how most standard antibiotics are becoming useless as “superbugs” build up a tolerance to them?

        • If the virus had become resistant to treatment then it would NOT be in an Undetectable status as its only Undetectable when the treatment is working and lowering the persons status to “undetectable”.

          Regarding the “superbugs” you sort of answered your own question there, Virus’s / Viral Infections are not effected by antibiotics, only Bacteria / Bacterial Infections are. Bacteria are a lot better at mutating than a Virus is, because they can generally live a lot longer outside of the human body (basically anywhere warm and wet). Virus’s generally take longer to mutate and are also usually mutated in a form that is not a human (either crossing from an animal to a human or going from a human to an animal and back to a human… Note: Flu being the exception but it can still transfer between animals and humans). HIV is not really able to live inside most animals other than Monkeys and some bats, where it mutates to SIV which humans cannot catch.

          The main thing to take away from all this is that U really does equal U, and on top of this its MORE dangerous to sleep with someone with a “negative” status as they potentially have been infected in the 2+ weeks it takes for the virus to start to become visible in the blood tests. Whereas sleeping with someone Undetectable and while taking PreP is a lot safer, at least against HIV…

          • Adam

            Thank you for your answer and sorry for bringing up bacteria alongside viruses I should know better but it’s been a long time since health class and I’m a bit rusty lol. Out of curiosity have there been studies on any side effects, particularly long term, of viral treatments or prep on patients?

          • Juraj Zamek


      • Bulstrode

        Zachary Sire, You advertise this site as having “No Agenda.” If you’re going to continue to push this idea, then you really should change your site’s motto.

      • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

        Zero risk IF the person takes their meds daily. If the person is responsible and they take their meds daily, then yes, close to zero risk. The problem is if you run into an irresponsible individual that forgets to take his meds at times. Skipping one day should be fine, but if he skips a few days it could be an issue.

    • C A

      What’s the point being in the porn industry and not be informed on STI’s and STD’s? Taco Bell is always hiring.

    • Alejandro_87

      thank you, clear and concise! and great to read this comment first (the upvotes is it? that bump this comment).

    • EhWhatever

      Hes in an industry where his choices in this regard aren’t his own unless he wants to make an onlyfans.

      He’s free to have his choice by making his own content, not denying others of work because of his lack of education.

    • bg

      I think zero risk is a bit of an overstatement, since the 80’s the virus has and will continue to mutate and yes current precautions work but who knows for how long. As stated in the comment above he has the right to choose who he works with and let the consequences be what they may with that choice. Porn is not like an acting role you are engaging in activities that can cause risks and I am not talking just talking about HIV transmission.

    • Paul J

      He has the right to make personal health choices, but not to use his status as a gay porn star to spread misinformation and stigma about HIV.

  • Aldora

    People shouldn’t be forced to have sex with undetectable people if they don’t want to, it only takes one random chance or missed dosage and transmission can happen. And considering how other STD rates have exploded, it is more important than ever for people to know who they are having sex with, and what they may or may not have.

    • Bruce Miller

      You are absolutely wrong. One missed dose will not cause a person to transmit. I’m a 35 year HIV healthcare professional. It would take an undetectable individual missing numerous doses (think 2-3 weeks of meds) and then their viral blood levels to rise to 400 copies per milliliter in their bloodstream before they became infectious. The CDC uses 200 copies as a lower threshold as a safety measure, but the actual studies (European and US) found safety up to 400 as the cut off. So in order for all of those events biologically to occur, that takes time. Ballpark at least 30 days in the average person, but usually more as the medication has residual levels in the tissues, etc. As far as the other Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, you are correct about their increase. However the studies show that individuals on PrEP and U=U are driving those rates down exponentially. It is because they see their healthcare providers regularly and are screened regularly for STIs, much more so than 99% of the general population. Again I have studies both US and European proving this. Sexually active individuals need to be responsible. Get tested, get treatment, Use PrEP . Use condoms (I’m not anti-condom nor anti-bareback.) Sex can be had responsibly, safely, and be hot without slut shaming, stigma and we can eliminate HIV transmission and reduce the other STI transmission rates drastically. It’s just going to take all of us using common sense, seeing educated healthcare professionals who are up to date with their facts and stop with this divisiveness.

      • Aldora

        My point isn’t about missing one dose, its about having to rely on someone else to be responsible for their own health and your own health, when they have already been irresponsible enough to contract HIV and then having that person dictate that people should have unprotected sex with them, but dont worry you can trust them!

        • Medic cmh

          People contract HIV through irresponsibility? That’s a laugh. Do you know how many people I see who wore a condom and got HIV? Hundreds. Condoms fail. They leak. They break. Read the failure rate studies from the CDC. It hovers around 22 percent. Are you going to say that those individuals were irresponsible, who wore a condom during sex but still got HIV because the condom that was applied and used failed.

          • Aldora

            You are assuming that those people are telling the truth of course.

            And of course irresponsible behaviour leads to people contracting HIV, just like irresponsible behaviour leads to teen pregnancy, or should I also believe that soooo many of those teen pregnancies are from broken condoms too.

            People shouldnt be shamed for having HIV, but they should be made to take responsibility for their actions, and they should be wanting to PROTECT other people from getting HIV, not going around saying “oh dont worry, I’m undetectable ”

            Do you think the advent of Prep and the explosion of HIV cases in the past 10 years is completely coincidental?

          • Medic cmh

            The increase in HIV cases in the last 10 years is because we are doing more testing. We are playing catch up because our response was inadequate for years. It has nothing to do with PrEP. Look at NTC, Baltimore, London. All cities where their public health programs have dropped HIzv rated drastically because of PrEP, increased testing and increased treatment of HIV+ individuals and getting them undetectable. So much so that London has beaten the UN 90/90/90 goals earlier than expected by years. Look you arent going to change your opinion, I’m not changing mine. I’m not wasting my time any further in this debate. I wish you well.

      • who_knows123

        Since you are a professional then I will ask you if PrEP is a cure for HIV?
        Or will PrEP prevent you from getting HIV?

        I’m curious if in all your years of being a professional if you have seen a rise in young people being tested positive for HIV? I wonder how many of those young people with HIV you may have came across think HIV is no big deal anymore?

        I know for a fact that I have seen experts raise alarm that too many young people think these days HIV is nothing more serious than a common cold and think taking meds will cure it..

        Maybe it is the fault of some of you in the health care profession that should take blame for this flippant ignorance of young people getting HIV because you sugar coat the seriousness of HIV.. Oh I am not saying HIV can’t be managed these days with medications and maybe someday there will be a cure…

        But there is no cure for HIV at the moment and at least in the USA with no single payer health care the costs of treatment are so astronomical it might as well be a death sentence for those whom lack the money to pay for life long treatment.

        • Medic cmh

          I will answer your 2nd question 1st. PrEP according to the CDC is 99% effective at preventing HIV. That is per an August 2019 press release. There is a small percentage of less than 1% who fail on PrEP due to not taking the pills properly as PrEP needs to be taken as directed for effective prevention.

          Yes, sadly I have seen an increase in the number of young people testing positive for HIV. It isnt healthcare providers who are at fault. We have been sounding the alarm for YEARS. I don’t sugarcoat anything, nor do my colleagues. However when parents do not talk to their children openly and honestly about proper sex education and schools teach abstinence only sex ed classes then who is kidding who. You want to blame someone then look at those who have gutted the honest education of our youth on how to protect themselves. Stop trying to shame me and the other healthcare providers who do tell the truth and treat patients that most others wont. Your stigma, not mine.

  • Todd

    From that picture, I can’t imagine anyone of any status wanting to work with him, Ewwwww

  • holgerson

    All right. I just think it’s practical. You only have his word that he took the pills regularly. In a relationship ok, but at porn? Let every performer decide for themselves, it is their life.

  • Lanu Pongen

    Well this is hardly news. People in my country still fear touching things of an HIV positive inspire of knowing that its nearly impossible to transmit it that way. I have told several patients n their families that but they still are stubborn. Its horrible but I can’t even blame them fully. They are just scared and want to be 100% sure even if they are perfectly safe.

  • erexshawn

    Donte has admitted in interviews that didn’t do that well in school (mostly due to his lack of resources); the boy is as dumb as a box of rocks. He just isn’t prepared to understand basic science. Unfortunately he is smart enough to be able to tweet but he can’t understand how his uninformed opinion was hurtful. I wish that he was smart enough to get another career but all he can manage to do to make ends meet is fuck on camera. Stupid cunt.

    • joeguy45

      I actually thin its you that’s the C*unt… what a judgemental snob…

      • EhWhatever

        Count? What are you censoring lmao.

      • Eric

        Well, you do have four typos/misspellings in just one sentence.

  • joeguy45

    Sure his statement isn’t isn’t a well thought out one but he has a right to his free speech and health choices …
    what kinda worries me is that some of his co workers have girlfriends who don’t even know that their BF’s are doing porn… where I’m sure there is always health risks

    • GossipBoy


      • joeguy45

        you know what im talkin ‘ about gossipBoy !

        • GossipBoy

          Woof! I sure do!

    • Todd

      i just laugh now when I read someone who still thinks free speech should come without consequence.

      • joeguy45

        I don’t think it comes without consequence.

    • Paul J

      Imagine! Some of the girlfriends of straight/bi performers could be exposed to health risks! Err… what about the boyfriends of co-workers who might be exposed to health risks? Why no concern for them?

  • Ant

    I think he is in the middle of “I still wanna do porn” and “but i’m paranoid enough to take prep because side effects. look at vaccines!1!111!.”

  • GossipBoy

    Well it’s his health we’re talking about.
    I’m not his fan, nor I’ve seen any of his vids, but I think he’s right.
    In the end, undetectable doesn’t mean 100% safe.

    • Nate

      Nope. Just more safe than tested negative yesterday

      • GossipBoy


  • Snowzealot

    Stupid responses. People have a right not to want to have sex with anyone with a STD, which includes HIV. It’s not your place to tell others they have to have sex with people they don’t want to. I don’t want to have sex with people at high risk of HIV, who are promiscuous, or who have any STD. I carefully select and screen my partners, and only seek people who do the same. PrEP is not a replacement for discernment and selectivity.

    • Chad Stace

      So you don’t have sex at all then? Because you said people with a high risk of HIV which according to the Red Cross and CDC, is any male who has had sex with another male or female who has had sex with a male who’s had sex with another male in the past year.

      • Snowzealot

        I’m Bi. Only been with one guy ever. He was also bi with only one other sex partner ever, his girlfriend. Likewise, I have only been with women in longterm committed relationship.

        • Chad Stace

          Cool beans, the both of you would be considered high risk regardless. Try to donate plasma, answer everything truthfully and WHEN not IF they give you a lifetime deferral, tell me their reasoning. Unless you have sex with any single female every other year, they are in the high risk for HIV category due to having sex with you. If a person is on PreP and someone who is Undetectable have sex using condoms the transmission rate is so small, you have a better chance of having identical triplets.

          • Snowzealot

            Still not an acceptable risk for me and many others. People have a right to decide what risks are unacceptable for them.

      • who_knows123

        Maybe you would knowingly have sex with someone who has an STD and think nothing of it.. But not everyone is as naive as yourself. There are plenty of STD’s that have no cure and once you get it you have it for life.

        To me at least having sex with someone who is HIV+ is high risk.. This confusion about being undetectable gives some people a false sense of security that you can’t get HIV because a partner is undetectable therefore that must mean they are not HIV+.

        Unless you are lucky enough to have a gold health insurance plan that will pay for lifelong treatment and medications for HIV then you are lucky literally that you can live with HIV..

        But in a country where there is no universal health care it’s luck of the draw whether or not you can come up with the money for life long medications and treatment.. So yes it is still a life threatening disease which can kill you if you don’t have the financial resources to pay for life long treatment which include expensive medications.

        You must think every single state in the USA has free drugs and treatment for HIV but that isn’t reality..

    • Jace

      Because no guy ever lies about his status to get someone in the sack. And how the hell would you know if they’re promiscuous or not? You get them to fill out a survey at your church social?

    • Paul J

      I would much rather have sex with someone who looks after their sexual health and gets regularly tested, than people who “screen their partners”. Sorry to break this to you, but people lie. Even people in supposedly loving, long term relationships. And even if they have only had one partner, once is enough to get any STD. But good luck to you.

      • AT

        Looks after their sexual health huh? Really? Unless they were born with it then obviously at some point in time they didn’t look after themselves.. Whether it be a cheating partner or lying hook up or whatever they make a mistake along the way. Prevention is always the best cure! BTW saying you prefer those who look after their sexual health is a form of screening lol

        • Paul J

          Oh get back to your pulpit and preaching fire, brimstone and the wrath of God on people who make “mistakes” and slip up. LOL

  • OverKill

    If he’s that damn worried about it he needs to go find a new line a work right along with Sergeant Miles.

  • Tempest

    Isn’t he the same geek that once posted his dick with period blood stains all over it? Some irony here.

    • Jay

      Cliff Jensen iirc.

    • C A

      Yes. Yes he is. He’s not gay he’s g4p and works with a studio that test’s their models. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack.

  • Scrapple

    I’m all for people taking their sexual health into their own hands. We all take risks of varying degrees with respect to sex. What might be considered risky to one person might be considered a non-factor to someone else. But Kayden’s response is the one I’ve always talked about. Whenever these conversations come up, whether it’s with condom & untested scenes vs. bareback & tested scenes, or models crossing over to straight/bi studios, or models working with trans performers, it’s always presented that testing is what brings them peace of mind. But what exactly is a thirty day old test going to tell you? You don’t know who that tested person was fucking for the twenty-nine days after that test before your shoot. Not once have I seen one of these models say “I advocate for testing, but I also want studios to shorten the testing window.” Which makes it think that their issue is wrapped up in something else entirely. A thirty day old test is basically a piece of paper with a date and some numbers. Those results are meaningless and if you’re using that as your barometer of safety, your mindset is already so fucked up that you’re probably already making uninformed sexual decisions outside of porn.

    • Hush-ins

      I do not understand. The “30 days” thing is a recommended time for people to stop having any sexual encounter and blood-related medical procedures/incident and not the time it took so that the test result could come out, right?

      • Scrapple

        Most testing studios allow performers to work with tests which are up to thirty days old. If you tested on day 1 and everything was good, but you fucked randoms every day for the next three weeks, your test result is still the same. But by then, your actual results were you to be retested might be different.

        • Hush-ins

          You are right. It requires performers to abstain from random sex with strangers to stay having negative result or have a safe sex.
          Speaking of testing, Donte actually said NDS put so much of their funding into testing. If what he said was true, he also mentioned he didn’t have sex with random people which is an interesting piece of information.

          • Scrapple

            He’s married and has kids I believe. I wouldn’t expect him to still be sleeping with randoms.

          • Hush-ins

            That makes sense. His statement now suspiciously sounds like he tried to put himself on a higher ground if anything.

  • CamCam

    I can understand anyone being concerned HIV and their health (and we all should be), but if that’s the case then 1. Why are you doing porn at all? Almost every studio today does Bareback so he’s “risking” his life with each scene that he does since this is an issue for him. 2. Adding on to the bareback thing, Donte seems so focused on this one disease, it doesn’t appear that he’s thinking about the other 6-8 STD’s out here. If you are gonna be worried about one thing, you need to be concerned about everything else and there are other STD’s that are WORSE than HIV today. One thing is for sure, there needs to be proper testing for ALL models in porn and I hope with this FSC Pass thing, it will make all models feel safer in knowing their statuses for their partners and for themselves.

  • asby

    I’m still trying to figure out how he was in porn? Gap toothed combover isn’t my thing

    • grrr-_-argh

      the bar for white men is the floor. you know this.

      • EhWhatever

        Tell them AGAIN

      • pornastro

        Fuck. The bar for white men is 20,000 leagues under the sea. https://media0.giphy.com/media/jVdgVbf3fsZS8/giphy.gif

      • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

        On his twitter videos he looks like a meth addict. On his NDR videos its pretty obvious the studio gives him a makeover before shooting. He has a very clean look there. He’s muscular and has an amazing dick. Minus the teeth, he’s a very hot performer and one of my favorites.

    • trumn10

      Obviously not the best looking guy, definitely not anyone I need to see in porn. But, he has a right to his opinion regarding who he wants to work with.

  • Knightgee

    The thing is, with window periods, he is more likely to contract HIV from someone who thinks a 30 day old test is an accurate reflection of their current status than someone who is undetectable. His “free choice” about his “health” is not rooted in anything resembling facts, evidence or safer practices, just blind ignorance and bigotry. And he’s entitled to his wrongness at the individual level, but he and people like him shouldn’t get to use their irrational, fact-avoidant feelings to set industry-wide policies.

  • I feel bad cause I think he’s a sexy performer who actually understands the performance aspect of porn (that is, I think he’s a pretty good instinctive actor), but also because it seems like he isn’t well educated and may not understand all of what the science (and history) is of HIV. That said, I’m not someone out there heavily into gay hookups and I’m leery of PReP as a personal choice so I don’t feel like I can insist on it for others when I wouldn’t do it myself. But then, I’m not a pornstar either, and my impression is, at this point, using PReP and performing is just prudent. Because I get the science. Retirement may be Donte’s best option, but yeah, I’m sad to see him go like this. Maybe someone can sit him down and lay it out so he does understand that it’s safe, and helpful.

    • AT

      Definitely… PREP is not for everyone. Personally it is not for me so I understand his apprehension but as a sex worker it seems like a no brainer if you are concerned about your health. If you dont want to take it then find a new line of work. Even if only working with tested HIV negative people there is still risk.

  • Joel

    Yeah, his career is done. Never heard of him ’til now, any way!

  • Chip Winter

    Seriously? Some of you would INSIST an actor perform with someone they don’t want to? Paid or not, its still THEIR body! Why not force them to top or bottom when they don’t want to… you DO realize that while it’s a FANTASY to us, it’s a JOB to them, right?

    That said, this actor is CLEARLY uneducated about a subject he SHOULD be an EXPERT on (like a baseball player not knowing what the strike zone is, or a car dealer not knowing how to put gas in a car!).
    Donte can THINK undetectable people are a risk to him, but science is science: the moon is PROVABLY not made of cheese, and U=U is proven science. So he can choke down some moon dust on his sandwich, but the truth is undetectable actors are as safe as any others (and SAFER than HIV- actors who are NOT on PrEP!)

    IMHO, if there are going to be industry rules about forced protection against HIV, I would think that ONLY “medicated” actors should be allowed: HIV+ must be undetectable, and HIV- must be on PrEP…. but that’s my OPINION….

    • GossipBoy

      fair enough.

    • Ulf Raynor

      I could agree with that, just like condom usage being required before Prep, in most studios.

    • Jace

      Donte is a sex worker having unprotected anal sex with other men. I would have thoght PrEP was mandatory (and assume his refusal to use it is why NDS let him go). He also seems to demand gay porn stars only have sex with other men professionally if they want to do porn. https://media2.giphy.com/media/hFZP8iJju5FEk/giphy.gif

    • Adam

      That is sadly the type of nuanced look at both sides of the issue that was missing in that whole August Ames not working with gay/bi crossover talent debacle. Instead of everyone seeing each other’s pov and trying to communicate civilly on why they disagree and trying to persuade the other side to change its mind social media did what it does best dug in its heels and bullied a depressed young woman into suicide.

  • ViktorTausk

    I had a HIV+ partner, and though HIV wasn’t huge deal for me (and shouldn’t be), as a kid who grew up in the late 1980s and the 1990s I still sometimes had all those media images of people dying of AIDS in a back of my head. So yes, I can understand his willingness to avoid sex with HIV+ performers. In the end he’s a family man and has to care for hs female partner and their child. Saying that I hope he will never be back in porn again.

  • czer

    YAWN. I canceled NDS when Markie More quit.

  • wdeee

    I don’t get the backlash. It’s his body and he has personal autonomy. He could have delivered the message in a more refine way but it is what it is. Plus he never shamed gays or anything. He just said he doesn’t work with undetectable performers.

    • c_find

      First of all it’s the ignorance in his statement. Grouping undetectable and detectable guys in one category. Secondly, you are right it is his body and has the right to make his choices, but when you’re in an industry where more than 50% of gay models are undetectable, don’t bitch when you can’t get any work. Thirdly, he talking about not fucking gay men with HIV, but yet feels comfortable to show his bloody dick after fucking a girl on her period. That’s some high risk behaviour and hypocrisy right there. Women are HIV positive as well. It’s not only a gay or Bi thing.

      • CosMcG

        More than 50%?!

  • DanielA

    There is,or was a doc being shown on cable network Showtime,I think, called Porndemic,it is about HIV and AIDS in the porn industry,It shows mainly straight performers and deals with a particular performer who did not get tested when he should have,gave ,and spread HIV to several female performers back in the mid to late 80’s early 90’s his name is Marc Wallace,who is no longer performing,and a performer who went and became a doctor and is behind all performers being tested named Sharon Mitchell,it is a good doc watch it when it shows on Showtime,it may even be the Movie Channel as well.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Sharon Mitchell isn’t practicing anymore, I don’t believe. She did an interview at The Rialto Report. (Great website, btw! Lots of interviews with Golden Age porn stars!)

  • Tim

    good luck with the bi and trans work if you turn off most of the male performers in that space. and since at least several do a lot of gay porn (Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Lance Hart, Michael DelRay) I think his pivot is stupid.

    Look, he can do what he wants with his body. He can be as stupid as he likes in private. I’ve been a fan of his work (unlike a lot of commenters, for obvious reasons) but this spreading of stigma and not actually doing your homework before spouting off is annoying as hell. Undetectable guys like Nick Fitt and Jack Andy to bring two relevant ones to mind should be able to work for any studio if they can prove they are undetectable.

  • Bulstrode

    It’s his body. He has every right in the world to decide who can fuck him and who cannot.

    The end.

    • EhWhatever

      Yup just like he has the right not to be paid. I dont know why you guys keep typing this about a porn star who isnt picking partners out of desire.

    • AT

      Amen! Or at least being able to choose with or without a condom. Especially since so many have moved to bareback only. These studios don’t care much about their performing.

    • Kenny Johnson

      It could be his end, or at least a life-long infection, if he doesn’t understand HIV transmission and risk prevention appropriately. And since we all know he lacks that understanding, the conversation hasn’t ended. Hence, everyone else’s comments to the contrary of his assertions. 🙂

  • Wayne Broder

    This guy is the gay version of an anti-vaxxer. To everyone saying he has a right to his own opinion, he certainly does, but just like “celebrity” (and I use that term extremely loosely) anti-vaxxers, his pontificating about something he knows nothing about can do real damage and sway others to make bad decisions.

  • Paul Jones

    He has every right to choose who he wants to work with, others might pick another path. Get over it, people have a choice & it is foolish to say he is being rude or mean to other gay people or those with HIV! U=U is a great step in the right direction, however, everybody is responsible his/her own choices and allowed an individual perspective.

  • CosMcG

    His body his choice.

  • JockFromKensington

    Everytime this guy speaks his mind, he gets shut down. It’s safe to fuck a fat guy too but y’all wouldn’t do it would you… the hypocrisy of it all…

    • GayhawkAZ

      If I was being paid to do a scene and under contract, I would. That’s my job. If I refuse to fuck the fat guy, I am essentially in breach of my contract and surrendering my pay. So if he doesn’t want to work with undetectable models, and that’s the scene partner, then that’s fine, he’s surrendering his pay. That’s his choice. But he can’t complain about it and not expect to get backlash.

  • EhWhatever

    This entire comment thread reminds me of when all the “I wont do scenes with black guys” models were given a pass.

    No one said he doesnt have the right to make choices, enhance your comprehension of the world.
    He wasn’t born in porn, if he doesnt want to work with partners, they don’t get to be denied work, HE DOES.

  • magenta5

    “Going to pursue straight porn”

    Wait until he learns of the bevy of female models who refuse to work with guys who have done gay porn for the same irrational reasons he describes.

    And if we’re still talking about this, is paying to have everyone he makes OnlyFans content with tested? Because by his own admission, that would be the right and safe thing to do.

  • johnn

    i thought prep requires you to also use condoms? i’ve read this and health care experts have said this to me….this is what confuses me about prep..they are talking out of both sides of their mouth…. i still refuse to fuck bb, my feeling is why not just go for the extra coverage and use a condom too..so i do. what is frustrating me now is guys are refusing to fuck me if i use a condom, they flat out tell me they want my load….crazy

  • How anybody who takes or gives it up the butt raw can even begin to judge will always elude me. I mean Donte is far more likely to get a host of STDS in his personal sex life than with performers. Reason? You really never know a guy’s status. You can NEVER be 100% sure.

  • joshnatl

    Who would trust what any “adult star” says is their test results? I would be needing to see immediate results from a respected doctor. These aren’t the most reliable folk especially with the substance use and lifestyle.

  • C A

    So he choosing to pursue Bi, Trans and Str8 porn and decided that 2 weeks ago, yet he’s talking to Austin Wilde 2 weeks ago but Austin doesn’t produce any of those genres. Interesting.

  • dman3379

    Bye bitch, you won’t be missed.

  • AT

    I’m with Donte on this one! Speak your truth. He has a right to make is own decisions without backlash. He is not a medical professional and shouldn’t be treated like scum because he doesn’t know everything about a subject. He has right to worry about he health without repercussions. Depending solely on medical research has never been wise in the past and won’t be in the future. There is always exceptions, always fine print, always a small percentage that is doesn’t work for when it comes to anything medical and drug related. All it takes is that less than 1% to change your life forever! #imwithdonte

  • Greninja

    He doesn’t want to be on prep for eternity, so he doesn’t want to work with positive people. It’s his choice, but he should have realized the consequences of his statements.

  • JT

    He’s always seemed pretty dumb as I’m sure most of these guys who do porn are. They just give off that vibe that they’d be pretty “dull” (to put it mildly) in real life. So it’s not surprising that he would make this kind of statement. It sounds like he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about, literally. Ah, the joys of twitter rants. This is why social media is destroying our society.

  • kayuce mag

    IMO he should have the right to choose to whether to work with a coworker with an STD whether or not they are undetectable, with or without condoms. It’s absolutely ridiculous to me that anyone has a problem with this.

    I just see history repeating itself with how comfortable and frankly irresponsible people are being with their sexual health. Reminds me of what was happening in the 70s when people thought STI/STDs were a thing of the past because of antibiotics. That mindset caused the decimation of the gay population when a new germ came into the mix. Now people are thinking they have won with Truvada but mark my words, when the new bug comes along, it will start with us yet again because we have failed to learn from recent history.

  • Red Hanky

    You can make any desision you want with regards to your work and the company you work with can make the same.

  • Kenny Johnson

    It’s sad because he’s far more likely to get HIV by (A) not taking PreP and (B) Believing guys who say/think they’re negative but are really in acute HIV infection and are as infectious to others as possible. That’s the most likely scenario for how HIV gets transmitted.

    Undetectable = Untransmittable according to two large scale multi-year clinical trials that were properly powered to answer this question. He can make any decision he likes, and shaming him isn’t going to help him understand, but the facts should be stated.

  • TheBelltower

    Every HIV+ man says they’re “undetectable,” so please give me a break with that. Once HIV transmission begins to decline substantially, then maybe we can start taking advice from porn studios. If you’re a bareback actor, it’s smart to be skeptical of any of the current popular rationalizations why it’s okay to have a scene with HIV+ performers.