Nikki Haley Leads Joe Biden By 10 Points In Shock Poll

Posted November 17, 2023 by with 27 comments

Another 2024 presidential poll is out today, and that of course means more bad news for Joe Biden. I’ve been predicting all year that old Sleepy Joe would be dropping out sometime next summer before the DNC convention, but it’s getting so bad, the party might make him quit by February so there’s enough time for voters to get to know the replacement candidate (assuming we aren’t already familiar with him or her—I think it’ll be either Gavin Newsom, Hillary Clinton, or Michelle Obama).

The worthless asshole who’s beating Joe Biden in the latest poll is former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, a MAGA whore whose claim to fame is serving as a Trump stooge in the United Nations and then trying to cash in by joining the board of corporate defense contractor Boeing, and she’s beating Biden by 10 points in a Marquette poll of registered voters. When they asked “likely” voters, it got even worse, with Biden losing by 12 points. Biden is also losing to Trump and DeSantis in the poll (full poll breakdown here), and here’s a summary:

A new Marquette Law School Poll national survey of registered voters finds President Joe Biden trailing against each of the top three potential Republican candidates, with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley leading Biden 55% to 45% among registered voters. Former President Trump leads Biden 52% to 48% in the same category, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis holds a 51% to 49% advantage.

Among likely voters, Haley sees her advantage rise to 12 percentage points at 56-44. The Biden-DeSantis hypothetical does not change with likely voters, while Trump’s support decreases to 51% against Biden’s 49%.

These results include initially undecided voters who were then asked to choose one of the candidates.

Among registered Republican voters, Trump maintains a substantial lead over all others in the primary field for the GOP nomination, with 54% of the total. DeSantis and Haley are tied at 12%. That represents a rise for Haley and a decline for DeSantis since March. No other candidate has more than 4% support in the current poll.

The survey was conducted Nov. 2-7, 2023, interviewing 856 registered voters nationwide, with a margin of error of +/-4.5 percentage points. For likely voters, the sample size is 668, with a margin of error of +/-5 percentage points.

The Dems can be truly horrible (they were so inept, they lost to Trump in 2016), so unless they bring out the new guy/girl, they’re doomed to lose again. And for those who always complain about polls because they think they’re conducted via landlines and therefore only getting answers from old people, the Marquette poll was done online:

Interviews were conducted using the SSRS Opinion Panel, a national probability sample with interviews conducted online. The detailed methodology statement, survey instrument, topline results, and crosstabs for this release are available on the Marquette Law School Poll website.