No, Snickers Did Not Remove Candy Bar’s “Dick Vein” Due To Pressure From “Woke Mob”

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I don’t know how much more of this kind of stuff I can take.

Via Snopes:

In April 2022, a photograph of an unusually smooth Snickers bar was circulated on social media along with the claim that the candy company Mars, Inc. had “deveined” the famous chocolate bars after complaints that Snickers too closely resembled a penis.

While the image on the right appears to be genuine (this may have been the result of chocolate melting and then reforming, a manufacturing error, or some other cause), the image on the left is not a genuine news article. Mars has not removed a “dick vein” from candy bars after being pressured by a “woke mob.” In fact, we find no calls for this “vein” to be removed.

The origins of this viral rumor trace back to January 2022 when Mars announced it was redesigning the green M&M character.

[Snopes: Did Snickers Remove a ‘Dick Vein’?]

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