North Dakota Republican State Representative Makes Homophobic And Racist Comments While Being Arrested For DUI

Posted December 25, 2023 by with 6 comments

Drunk, incoherent, bigoted, and deranged. Just another typical day for your average American Republican lawmaker. This one, North Dakota State Representative Nico Rios, was pulled over for drunk driving last week, and during his sobriety test and subsequent arrest, he made multiple racist and homophobic comments towards officers. He also asked to call the state attorney general to report that the officers were mistreating him. Rios won his seat in the legislature in 2022, and someone like him—alcoholic, racist, and homophobic while demanding special privileges because he’s a straight white man—really is the perfect representation of most Republican voters, so it makes sense that he’s an elected official in North Dakota.

You can tell that Rios is shitfaced from the very beginning, but he really starts to lose it after the 7-minute mark in this video, and the first bigoted remark (“you’re a fuckin’ faggot”) comes after the 10-minute mark, via Bismarck Tribune: