Now Davey Wavey Is Swallowing Multiple Loads Of Cum On His YouTube Channel

Posted November 20, 2017 by with 51 comments

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 1.01.49 PM

I’m actually surprised he didn’t try something like this sooner, but better late than never, right? YouTube’s favorite pseudo gay porn star Davey Wavey is swallowing the loads of actual gay porn stars Pierce Paris and Josh Brady in his new video today, and Davey actually samples his own cum, too. What a world.

This cum stunt is a smart way to draw attention to Davey’s upcoming softcore porn studio (there’s an advertisement for it in the middle of this video), but his feigned disgust at the taste of cum is a bit silly. As if Davey Wavey has never swallowed multiple anonymous loads before? Please.

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