Now Davey Wavey Is Swallowing Multiple Loads Of Cum On His YouTube Channel

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I’m actually surprised he didn’t try something like this sooner, but better late than never, right? YouTube’s favorite pseudo gay porn star Davey Wavey is swallowing the loads of actual gay porn stars Pierce Paris and Josh Brady in his new video today, and Davey actually samples his own cum, too. What a world.

This cum stunt is a smart way to draw attention to Davey’s upcoming softcore porn studio (there’s an advertisement for it in the middle of this video), but his feigned disgust at the taste of cum is a bit silly. As if Davey Wavey has never swallowed multiple anonymous loads before? Please.

  • Deviancy Behavir Davey Wavey is so annoying, either do porn for real or stop with these sex games gone wrong. P.S. I only take freshly made loads.

  • oocman

    That is a bit much. Besides, fresh is probably best. Letting it sit around in any way is kinda not cool.JMHO

  • R.A.M.J

    Everybody knows cums taste better straight from the tap. Geez.

    • peter

      Just ask Dane on CF. In his recent update he showed his ‘eager thanks’ to Wesley for his load by gagging a couple of times.

  • Ceecee
    • Xzamilloh

      Success? Ain’t nobody watching his ass anymore. That’s why he’s doing all of these sponsored videos. That well has been tapped dry

      • Ceecee

        That’s fair. I’m actually kinda upset that Josh Brady went on his gong show. I like to think the handsome Helix boys are better than that.

        • Xzamilloh

          Eh, Davey is part of the OG gay YouTube so he deserves respect in that sense, but the content is bleh. This is the first time in over a year I’ve even bothered to watch a video, so kudos to Zach for giving him a little bit of traffic

          • WhimsyCotton

            Uh, no. Any respect Davey had earned vanished when his desperation got out of control three or four years ago. At this point, he’s just making a mockery of himself and the gay community.

          • Xzamilloh

            Okay, then don’t respect him. Who gives a shit??

          • WhimsyCotton

            Everyone should. Things like Davey Wavey being a thirsty bitch and the FCC gutting net neutrality should be on everyone’s mind.

          • Xzamilloh
        • peter

          Yeah, but it looks like Josh gets to mess around with Pierce Paris in some of those himeros videos. I’d love to see Josh catch for Bother Hales

      • Sean

        1,045,458 subscribers. Yep, nobody watches him. He has a video that is a year old that has over 4.5 million views. Doing sponsired videos is required now that youtube has stopped allowing monetization of anything with a gay theme. Anything that mentions gay and it is virtually impossible to get paid for the content.

        • Xzamilloh

          You do realize that having over a million subscribers doesn’t mean a million people are watching you, right? Tyler Oakley has 7.5 million subscribers and his videos barely crack a million now. This is why these people get sponsored, because companies ignorantly look at the numbers like you do and think they have this reach when they don’t, but it’s a dirt cheap way to advertise so it’s not much a lose-lose for anyone. A year old video with 4.5 million views? Great… what about his newer content? Go look at that and then tout that 1 million subscribers.

    • badgamer1967
  • Bill

    Gay people now days just don’t have no respect for their own well being. I mean he could be swallowing every STD known to man.

    • peter

      It’s leftovers from the most recent FraternityX gang-bang.

  • Xzamilloh
    • Baradude

      Davey is trying to get back that 2012 YouTuber status

    • erexshawn

      and 2016 YouTube, and 2015, 2014 and probably 2013….

  • nick

    You can do this shit on YouTube now ?

    • WhimsyCotton

      You can. Just don’t expect them to allow ads on it.

      • Sean

        They dotn allow ads on ANYTHING gay related. Many of the gay youtube group have stopped creating content because they aint getting paid, or they do a sponsored video.

    • CA

      That’s all I could think–WTF, YouTube?

    • Ulf Raynor

      Are you kidding?
      You can post jack off videos so long as it’s presented as educational.

  • McM.

    Cold loads?

    That’s just foul!

    • peter

      It’s very TIM, actually.

      There’s actually a drink, the ‘Macho Mojito’ concocted by a straight bartender as an aphrodisiac. Requires LOTS of sugar!

  • Cheshire

    I would definitely taste Josh Brady’s load but I want it straight from the hose please.

    • peter

      Failing that, I’d swipe off my stomach, or lick it off of his!

  • peter

    Soft-core studio?! Jeezus don’t let him steal Blake and Josh from Helix and especially Quinn from CF!!!

  • peter

    I would actually consider watching Davey Wavey get a bukkake gang-bang from the Helix boys, only if the finale was a hosing-down from Deviant Otter.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      That is a better plot then near all the porn produced in the last few years

  • peter

    Josh please quit smoking! Nothing will make your extraordinary beauty fade faster!

  • Scrapple
  • Schnitzel

    He feigns disgust but admitted he has a baseline for knowing the subtle differences? Then tasting it well after the fact? Puh-lease girl

    • peter

      Nah, that’s Lucille reacting to the news that George was accused of sexual harassment.

  • WorkBitch

    Everything about the promo for his studio was cringeworthy and pretentious. Looks like it’ll be the poor man’s Cockyboys.

  • S .

    “Now Davey Wavey Is Swallowing Multiple Loads Of Cum On His YouTube Channel”

    Hopefully that will make him shut the fuck up.

  • Deviancy Behavir Right next to the video on youtube is this next suggestion, sticking carrots and prostate stimulators up his ass by none other then Brent Everett back in August and judging what they are by how they feel in this ass. He has officially reached a new low trying to make content and get new followers. What’s next go to a gang bang and get fucked by everybody there and report back and rate each top is which by their technique? Even giving them a grade and stickers. This is beyond pitiful.

    • Bio

      He did a video about bathhouses and his “first time” going to one. He should just release the videos of all the guys he’s fucked that have appeared on his channel.

      • Deviancy Behavir

        With a few of his nudes already out there and the way he’s always preening around these porn stars, he might as well just have sex for money and get it over with. The days where he was educating gay men about their bodies and health are long gone. That facade is completely worn off already. I’ve seen more than a few video posts of him on porn shoots or at porn facilities where they make lube or sex toys. I get it, you like sex, you like to have fun, but it’s just redundant at this point. Especially since he’s made his way into a porn movie I guess to help with the plot and not to blow a few people.

        • Bio

          There are masturbation videos of him out there as well. It is just disappointing, as you said he used to make somewhat useful content, now it is just sex-filled click bait, which we get enough of from porn.

    • Brent was testing his ass to see if he could be used as a drug mule to cross the Canadian and Mexican borders un detected.

  • DrunkEnough
  • Baradude
  • asby

    I love how he acts like he is some midwestern farm boy fresh off the bus….

  • C3xxx

    So that’s where Blake’s tantric sex schtick ended up.

  • Zealot
  • Badger

    Is he still around?

  • Kandel

    I honestly thought this would have gotten flagged by now…

  • NTNT


  • Hari Kalyan

    i realize i’m a young gay and i’d to think i’m a savvy millennial…but I have no clue who this Davey guy is and his name is in 2 posts here today. Is he popular with older gays or something?

    • sexnando

      he was one of the fist gayyyy youtubers

  • Sean

    I dont get all the hate towards Davey. I dotn think he is all that interesting, BUT callign him out for doing something like this, when you are posting on a site called STR8UPGAYPORN makes you rather pathetic. You are here because you like gay porn. Guess what., SO DOES DAVEY. Why is that bad? I find it refreshing that he doesnt sound like some youtube gays who dont swear or never admit that they actually have sex or date.
    The hatred for somebody who is showing that sex work is not a bad thing, and anybody posting sex positive messages is doing a good thing (especially a gay positive message)

  • Lan

    When he said cum connoisseur I just kept thinking cum sewer.

  • Cosmic

    Davey and the guys that do videos with him make me feel like humanity is doomed.