Brazilian Drag Queen Turned U.S. Congressman Kitara Ravache Takes Aim At Rival Trixie Mattel

Posted January 23, 2023 by with 11 comments

George Santos being “enshrined” on awful late night TV shows (and for the first time in history, he actually told the truth—all of the impersonations were terrible, with the one on Saturday Night Live being the worst) is what he’s wanted all along, of course, so everyone is playing right into the con queen’s hands. Speaking of queens, here were George Santos and Trixie Mattel going back and forth on Twitter earlier:

Back in the real world, Santos really could be headed to prison, so let’s hope this investigation moves swiftly and he’s locked up (or at least expelled from Congress) soon. Via TheHill:

While the early cloud of scandal had focused on the ethics of Santos’s fabricated campaign biography, more serious revelations suggest the Long Island Republican might have violated campaign finance laws — a much graver class of misconduct that could result in civil penalties, criminal prosecution, expulsion from Congress or all three.

The questions center around the hundreds of thousands of dollars Santos has loaned his campaigns from personal accounts; his sharp increase in reported wealthan outside group that was raising funds on behalf of his campaign, without being registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC); and a host of expenses submitted by his campaign for $199.99 — one cent less than the figure requiring receipts.

Local and federal investigators are reportedly looking into Santos’s finances, and he also faces multiple ethics and campaign finance complaints.


Meanwhile, a new poll finds that nearly 50% of Republicans want Santos to resign. Also, more photos and videos continue to emerge showing George Santos performing as drag queen “Kitara Ravache” over the course of several years in Brazil, completely contradicting Santos’ false claims about doing drag one time at a festival (after Santos had initially lied and said he never did drag at all).

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