Now MAGA Bigot Chaya Raichik (LibsOfTikTok) Is Provoking Bomb Threats At Gyms

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Deranged Chaya has been obsessively posting about Planet Fitness for the last couple months after a trans person was seen in a locker room, so it makes sense that the mob of violent freaks who follow her on Twitter would start making bomb threats against the gym. This is the same thing they do to schools and hospitals where trans people work or seek medical treatment. Absolute psychopaths. Via The Guardian:

More than 40 Planet Fitness locations across the country have received bomb threats after a conservative movement against the gym’s trans-inclusive locker room policy went viral online.

In the weeks since the backlash against the gym chain started in March, at least 43 locations in Connecticut, Florida, Alabama and other states have received bomb threats, according to progressive media watchdog group Media Matters.

The backlash started with the rightwing social media account Libs of TikTok posting on X a video of a woman saying that there was “a man shaving in a women’s bathroom” at her Planet Fitness location in Fairbanks, Alaska.

[The Guardian]

The bigoted whore who went viral thanks to Chaya:

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