[UPDATED] Now You Can Fuck Darius Ferdynand And His Hot Boyfriend At The Same Time

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model-couple_228971caaf74fc216e7a9887dc9b0a56Well, say goodbye to whatever savings you have left, because after seeing this escort ad, you might be compelled to spend it all to have sex not just with Darius Ferdynand—gay porn’s most physically flawless and lusted after performer—but also with Darius Ferdynand’s boyfriend, a towering Brazilian megahunk fuckstud named “Rafa.”

If you followed any of the Hot Links on this site over the summer, you might have seen this insanely hot couple once before. Luckily, they’re still together, and even luckier? They just posted a joint escort ad on SleepyBoy.com, and now you can literally hire them to come to your house and fuck you. Both of them. At the same time. In your house. Fucking you.

model-couple_1bb2118a451c896a68b76712c7e953adSweet Jesus fucking Christ.

model-couple_6cbb40bb7ebd1ebfb515e525fefdbcabRafa almost reminds me of a Latin Andrew Stark?

model-couple_45f7fff0ffff6b9910759b13121a10ddOK, well, this is getting ridiculous.

model-couple_b909dd96a9c140674a49cce539c5c0bdWho would you want to fuck or be fucked by first: Rafa or Darius?


model-couple_b280026bdbe14cd5b4edbd742de5e02bDo horseback riding lessons come included with their hourly rates?

model-couple_c9114b37ae1970e5d1d26928d8b8af67Speaking of hourly rates—they don’t say what they are! I presume this would be in pounds (they’re in London), so maybe £450 an hour for both of them? That seems reasonable and, honestly, I would pay up to £500 or even £600 for a treat like this.

ratesHere are a couple of Rafa’s dick pics, which reveal a tan, fat, uncut cock. Given the size difference between Rafa and Darius, the sexual positions you could come up with for the three of you are endless.

model-couple_f24cbf365f44879f0198ba3b5accb04c model-couple_513e412a0d3a240817669a435ef81044


Prefer some one-on-one time with Rafa? He has his own individual escort ad, with even more photos.

Holy shit:

rafaa_0bb5452113e7e5166a22265e3e784359 rafaa_5dcb12aee687abc807507a1e8614eb92 rafaa_523bbb24ac15db1b6e00cf278e97c996 rafaa_ad20cb8ebf7dd8ef802ce2c7c46e4201rafa

Sorry, no bareback!

And, here’s Darius and Rafa’s joint ad on SleepyBoy.com. Book your tickets to London now, queens! Darius and Rafa’s schedules are going to fill up quicker than a pass around party bottom’s hole at Hustlaball Berlin.

rafadariusThe question isn’t “would you hire Darius and Rafa,” but rather, “How much would you be willing to spend on hiring Darius and Rafa?”

  • Mike Julius

    If I had the money and the magical ability to suspend disbelief to that degree for an entire hour, I would book a ticket to London tonight.

    Sadly, I am not rich and I can’t even sit through half an hour of a Michael Bay movie, much less think he’d actually want to have sex with me. And both those things are kind of a requirement for a good time.

    Life is unfair on so many levels.

    • FrenchBug

      I wholeheartedly subscribe to your point. I cannot imagine why I would want to have sex with someone who does not want to have sex with me, no matter how good-looking.
      Get Rafa to do porn with Darius and I will 100% watch enthusiastically. The rest? Even if I were rich and British, I would have no interest in it.
      Sex between two (or three) average-looking people who are actually attracted to each other will always ALWAYS be hotter than good-looking sex motivated by money. Sorry!

      • Mark-E-Mark


      • Maximus

        There are some pretty legit people who comment on this blog; you are one of them.

      • Luca

        That’s a completely good and true point and I mostly concur, but if I were rich and British, I would be tempted to try them at least once, just because.

      • Luca

        besides, where you expressed your idea in a sensitive way, several others in this thread on the same line of thought verge on stigmatization of sex workers, which I think is a bit unfair. While there is the occasional dick, I’m sure most of them are not just a bunch of greedy people in love with themselves and their own body, but nice and pleasant and can be a lot of fun. I think that (above a certain level of course) the relationship between client and escort is a bit more layered (without going on the philosophical or towards the romantic cliché of the “pretty woman”) than merely an exchange of money versus sex. Never hired an escort so I cannot really say, but that’s my impression.

        • Jason

          Having hired escorts multiple times, there are definitely those solely interested in the money and that comes across quickly.
          There are those though that really seem to focus on me as a client, and though they may not be “attracted” to me, they are definitely doing the right thing by me and allowing some level of reciprocation of my attraction to them.
          Looks may get the first call to their ad. Attitude and respect gets the booking and maybe a repeat.
          A physically attractive douchebag is trumped by someone less so who engages.
          Having hired, worked with, managed and befriended sex workers at various times in my life, I will always have the utmost respect, awe and admiration for what they do.

      • synecho

        That’s one way of looking at it, mine is: why would I just sit there looking at a guy have sex with other guys, and even pay for just sit there watching, when I could be paying to have the real thing?

        or, better put: why would I have any interest in porn videos featuring a guy with whom I wouldn’t ever want to have real sex myself?

        All those people who always go on ranting on people they say they respect as porn stars, but not as escorts, are just a bunch of spiteful, dog-in-the-manger hypocrites demeaning sour grapes.

        People who are so vocal against escorting are people who are as far from a real LTR as anyone hiring a rentboy, but who want… no… who NEED to believe that, whatever they are having, is more “real” and more stable than anything being charged by the hour. They are the reason why some other people pass on dating: escorts, real, professional escorts, are more honest and decent about sex and relationships than all of you, righteous holiers.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      HAHAHA! I’d rather stay home and spend all my money on a full Michael Bay Movie. I’d even pay more if it was “The Island”

    • DPS

      If the money were off the table I would still pass the chance. Odds are that they would likely have some quality/qualities that knocks them down from the fantasy image. That and the whole unequal attention played out in a 3some would be a mindfuck that would leave me feeling disappointed.

      • Mike Julius

        But you’d be paying to be the center of attention. Again, though, you’d have to block out the fact that that attention is being purchased.

        • Mark-E-Mark

          Not everyone want’s to be the center of attention. Sexually I never did. (‘Cept those times I was forced HAHA) I am a giver. So I would not pay anyone to please them.

          • Mike Julius

            Hey, you get what you pay for.

          • n24rc

            And in your case that would be nothing.

        • DPS

          Truthfully, I would rather masturbate to the two of them doing each other than to be a false center of attention.

          • Mike Julius


        • sbd

          For all that, I could do that!

        • Jason

          That isn’t always easy to do :0)

  • The second I saw Rafa I thought he actually *was* Andrew Stark, but he’s so hot (and that dick!) I’m not disappointed.

    Can I have Andrew Stark and Rafa fuck me at the same time? Please and thank you.

    • Mike Julius

      Who do we have to talk to to arrange an Andrew Stark/Brazilian Andrew Stark scene?

  • Mark-E-Mark

    0$ = I like at least a little connection between me and my towering Brazilian megahunk fuckstud. Meh. $25,000 are you fucking nuts? You can feed a small village in a poor city, not just in Africa but in fucking Detroit. Even Sarah Mclachlan wouldn’t get me to spend that much on a rescue dog. They love you unconditionally forever not fake love you for an hour. The waste,,,,it blows my fucking mind.

  • Jan

    How much for a sextape?

  • erexshawn

    I have no problems paying for an escort’s time if I am into them. I would pass on this opportunity.

  • jimboivyo

    Sources are reporting this morning that Donald Burns’ passport was stamped in London yesterday afternoon.

  • Maximus

    Darius. Wow. Just wow. THAT is the body of a true porn star. Rafa is mind-boggling too. My only issue is that the idea of sex with them is so intimidating that I don’t think I could enjoy the experience. I would honestly rather just hang out with them—go to the gym, go horseback riding, go out to dinner—so I could bask in their reflected glory. Random observes who saw the three of us together might mistake me for a Make A Wish kid or something, but I wouldn’t care.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      Don’t let anyone intimidate you, Unless you are a masochist. Nobody is better than anyone else as far as their outside sell is concerned there will always be another better built, better looking, bigger dick right around the corner. . It’s the heart and kindness inside that I would pay for. that’s why I give to charity, to people who live their lives with no sense outside their living condition sense that they should be treated any different than they are. Not Prostitutes. They are far from charity…..well charity cases maybe.

    • beariac

      “…Make A Wish kid…”

  • Zealot

    Sounds like we’re all realists based on comments. While both of these young men are certainly $$ worthy, I’m thinking….flight to London…..jet lag…..London traffic……The Royals……Blood Sausages……it just keeps getting worse and worse. Plus, somewhere in the middle of this multi-thousand dollar sex spree I’d wake up and realize that if it weren’t for the $$$ both of these guys would be on a beach in Brazil doing each other and I’d be financing it. These guys are mega-hot and I wish them all the best, but it’s enough for my old wizened brain to imagine the solar-like hotness of their sex together to be happy. I’ll leave their cottage business funding via paid sex venture up to the Donald Burns of this world and God Bless ’em.

    • sbd

      You’re evidently one astute guy. 🙂

    • loyalty888

      You could always fly them out to you instead of traveling haha. I suspect this is more geared towards people that are in the area tho

  • AC

    Darius has a gorgeous face and awesome body, but he’s way too short…

    Would you pay full price for a pair of Gucci loafers that were different sizes? What about a Lambourghuini with one door? Just because somethings pretty doesn’t mean you overlook its defects.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      Nothing is perfect. Because Man made up “Perfect”

    • andrew

      You may think that 5’6″ Darius is “way too short”. This six footer thinks he looks like perfection.

    • Johnny

      When a guy’s in your bed with his legs behind his ears and his hole gripping your cock, height isn’t really at the top of your mind.

      I’ve never cared much about height even though I’m on the tall side, but to call people who are on the short side “defective” shows you to be a real fucking asshole.

  • S .

    I’d rather save my money and fuck (hot, kinda hot, average, whatever) guys closer to home… for free.

  • bob80

    Call me old fashion but promiscuous people who have a lot of sexual partner are a bit of a turn off for me. I’m not judging, they’re free to do so, I just find it unappealing. So I like these 2 in porn, but not in my bed.

  • R.A.M.J

    I think I already had sex with them from the pictures alone. Thanks Zach!

  • Stuart

    Not sure I would pay for sex with any porn star, I don’t think I could enjoy it knowing if it wasn’t for the money they wouldn’t give me a second look.

    • Jason

      There is a big differecne between porn and escorting. Porn is about the performer . Escorting is about the client. A lot of porn performers possibly do not have the social skills to deal with mere mortals.

  • R.A.M.J

    In all honesty, while they are hot, Im dont do threesomes. HOWEVER, if i could, Id pay for them to fuck each other in my bed while i watch and get off. That Id pay $1k-5k for.m

    • CA

      Yeah, I think porn stars are under the impression lots of fans/people want to sleep with them–reality is, we want to watch them sleep with other people and put on a great show.

      I love a good Sandra Bullock RomCom, but I don’t want to pay her to be friends with me…the whole time she’s looking down at her watch thinking about how she needs to get home and play with that cute kid of hers.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    Well that was 20 boring minutes: From the article in Spanish, Translated.


    Better see their test results before you do anything as one is a BareBacker and you have NO idea if he’s been fucking around.

    • BoomPow

      What are you going on about here? Darius Ferdynand does condom only porn and Rafael Carreras and Darius’ boyfriend Rafa are two different people.

  • Lee

    So Rafa is 5’9″-10″ and Darius is 5″6″? Rafa looks 6’3″-4″ in the pics. I would tower over them. Kinda hot!

    • CA

      That man is not 5’10…something is off. Rafa is easily 6-8 inches taller than Darius.

      • Lee

        Are you including the hair height? LOL

        I’m just going by what they put in their ad. Maybe Darius is stretching his height?

        • CA

          I just went to the site and it say’s 6’2 now…Rafa, I thought his name was different btw, has his own profile too. I’ll be in London later this month for work; maybe I should schedule him for a massage since he lists that as a service.

          • Lee

            That’s more like it.

      • Lee

        I think Darius is stretching his height. Rafa may very well be 5’10” and Darius is 5’3″-4″

        Darius is up a step in this pic, but you can see Rafa is shorter (even before smooshing the hair down) than the guy next to him on the same step

        • Johnny

          Rafa is definitely 6’2″ in person. Not sure how tall Darius was, but obviously much shorter.

  • andrew

    Rafa and Darius like Kris Evans were actually born on Mount Olympus and are pretending to be mere mortals.

    • Mark-E-Mark

      You know, I thought I saw them in “Immortals” but My eyes were kinda locked on Henry Cavil and Kellen Lutz.

  • Pascal

    I’m gonna assume they promised Zach some kind of referrals. 🙂

  • Xzamilloh

    Where’s the “nothing because I’m not that thirsty” option?

  • GoGo

    Well we know who’s gonna take the opportunity to hire him/them again…Bryan singer.

  • Kandel

    Where is the $1 option? Cause I will pay exactly $1.
    They look like they’re the type to masturbate to themselves in the mirror.

    • andrew

      Why do you keep your posts “private”?

      • Kandel

        Cause I don’t want people to see what I do with my time.

  • Bradster

    I’d definitely choose the boyfriend over Darius, since I’ve never been a fan of his.

    • von schlomo

      Yeah, Darius has never done anything for me, thus his “perfection” is hyperbole.

  • Spongey

    The conversion table shows Rafa is just under 6′ and Darius is around 5’6″. So Rafa’s not that tall and I believe Zach, you’re taller than him.

    And I would totally spend the money on that!!

  • Johnny

    I hired them a couple months ago. Rafa’s been escorting for quite a while and they’ve been escorting together for several months now. They’ve been advertising on Planet Romeo for a while. They were both €300/hr.

    Rafa’s one of the most stunning men I’ve ever seen naked. Every part of him is perfect: clothes, hair, face, body, abs, ass, arms, cock, legs. It’s almost hard to believe he’s real. Watching him fuck Darius was incredibly hot. His ass looks even more amazing when he’s thrusting. And he can fuck an ass like a champ. Still daydream about it. He says top/vers, but he’s really just top.

    I’ve lusted after Darius for years and was excited to finally get to be with him. In person I realized he’s a little over-developed for my personal taste. His cock and hole are just as amazing as you imagine though.

    I’ve hired better escorts for much less money. Some escorts are skilled at setting you at ease, quickly making you feel comfortable, and charging the room with sexual energy. Others don’t have that skill and probably never will cause it has to do with a person’s personality. Darius doesn’t have that skill, but he makes a good effort to serve his clients.

    Rafa speaks very little English, so if you want to hire him solo, plan on quickly speaking in the universal language of sex or make sure you speak Portuguese or Spanish. If you’re a power bottom and speak either language, Rafa would be a red hot fuck worth every penny. Just make sure you have lots of mirrors in the room so you can watch him fuck you from every angle!

    • Hereweare

      Aside from being insanely jealous, I have to thank you for providing the first Yelp! review I can masturbate to. Thank you SO much for the visual!

    • von schlomo

      Thanks for the interesting and insightful review. You sound experienced and that makes for a much better review.

      Since Darius doesn’t really do anything for me, I’m not sure that I’d splurge for the both of them. Rafa advertises as top/versatile tho you mention he’s a total top. I’d definitely want him to bottom for me, as well as top, so that’s too bad. He really should remove the versatile from his ad as it’s only going to disappoint.

      • Jason

        Yeah vers/top is so misleading. Almost all of them don’t bottom, and if they change their mind and decide they “really want to be fucked today”, cue the alarm bells.

  • disqus_9xayOTnP13

    The poll was all inclusive right? 1st class BOAC seats ain’t cheap even with a 6 week pre-book. And have you seen the prices at the Savoy lately? And then there is renting out a “country house” for 3 days, and the Games Keeper and Stable Boy 17’th century family livery in navy and silver.

    So much to do… Would it violate any international treaties if I flew them to Oslo? That would save on the house rental.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Rafa does kind of look like Andrew Stark.But,Andrew Stark is hotter.

    Andrew Stark looks hispanic.He possibly have hispanic background.

  • Myko

    Darius has NO personality thats why he is a shit escort. Plus he is SHORT

  • Tad

    my first reaction is the sex would be incredibly boring. Guys that perfect and hot are into one thing…themselves.

  • Ramona Nanna

    i am so ugly that i guess no money will make them hard to do me or shoot their loads in me! money is not everything and looks neither. I rather go to a club where they are behind a glass wall and see them fuck and pay a 10 dollar ticket to see them from behind the glass. It is however much more comfortable to watch them from my sofa. hahahhahah