NYC High School Teacher Under Investigation For Raping Special Needs Student

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Via New York Post:

A teacher is under investigation in The Bronx and Staten Island amid accusations she had a long sexual relationship with a mentally ill 16-year-old student at a school for children with special needs.

Sandy Carazas-Pinez, 33, a former NYC biology teacher who is married with three children, had sex with the teen in her car at least a dozen times, and sent him nude and erotic poses among scores of inappropriate texts, according to allegations by the boy’s mom and documents obtained by The Post.

“I know for me it isn’t going to be easy, I will miss your kisses, hugs and everything,” Casarez-Pinez allegedly wrote this year in a discussion of whether she and the boy should “end it,” according to texts under review by law enforcement agencies.

In January, she allegedly angrily responded to messages from the teen pleading for a response, telling him: “Throughout the whole vacation you have shut me out and the only time you would hit me up was when you wanted to . . . tell me that you are crushing on other teachers . . . I am not a piece of ass with no feelings.”

In other texts under scrutiny by investigators, the teacher apparently wrote: “I do miss your touch and kisses not going to lie…I also miss seeing you masturbate, I sound like a pervert,” Carazas-Pinez wrote.

The teen suffers from a combination of schizophrenia and mood disorder, his mother said.


More details at the link. The student’s mother told the Post that she believes Carazas-Pinez would already be in handcuffs if the boy weren’t African-American.

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