Online Bigot LibsOfTikTok (Chaya Raichik) Humiliates Herself In Video Interview With WaPo Reporter

Posted February 24, 2024 by with 13 comments

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz somehow convinced anti-LGBT clown Chaya Raichik (a.k.a. “LibsOfTikTok”) to sit down for an hour-long video interview, and the results are nothing short of humiliating for Raichik.

In the video interview (watch in full below) conducted at an L.A. coffee shop, the real estate agent turned social media bigot can barely string two sentences together, and she repeatedly fails to explain why she spreads so much hatred online, often responding to Lorenz’s questions with, “I never said that.” Raichik’s hate speech on Elon Musk’s Twitter has led to bomb threats against her targets as well as actual deaths in the LGBT community, and it’s remarkable to see that she’s actually just an empty vessel of blathering idiocy, unable to form a single coherent argument when slightly pressed. Here’s one section of the interview about trans people (the people Raichik harasses the most online):

She’s able to type out right-wing talking points in her tweets, but when asked in real life to articulate or mildly expand upon even the simplest point (which you would think she would’ve come prepared to do, given her long-running feud with Lorenz and how much attention she knew this interview would get?), she’s completely dumbfounded. I didn’t say that!

In addition to the hollow reasoning she has for hating trans people (“we are a nation of truth”), Raichik comes out in support of the white nationalist’s “great replacement theory” while openly admitting to being a racist, stating, “Not all cultures are equal.” That clip:

The full interview is below, and while it’s hard to watch (it’s cringe after cringe after cringe, I almost feel bad for her?) there are a few parts that are so hilariously insane, you have to laugh. For example, at the 10-minute mark below, Raichik denies that she wants to ban books, but then a split second later, she says she wants to have books removed from public libraries. I can’t believe this is a real person, but it is in fact the perfect and total representation of the average right-wing brain-dead American:

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