Oscars COVID Policy Includes Vax Proof For Nominees, But Not Presenters?

Posted February 19, 2022 by with 4 comments

Why do nominees need to show proof of vaccination, but presenters and performers don’t? Maybe because noms in the audience have longer exposure to a large group if they’re sitting in the theater for 3+ hours, while presenters are only on the stage for a few minutes by themselves (or with one co-presenter). Then again, most presenters are also guests and seated in the audience, they don’t just show up to present and leave. Also, only people in the mezzanine need to wear masks? These rules are kind of pointless, but most people in Hollywood are vaccinated, so if they get infected, they should be fine. Via Deadline:

The Oscars finally has a Covid policy. Presenters and performers at next month’s Academy Awards will not be required to show proof of vaccination, but nominees and guests will. People in the latter group also must have two negative PCR tests, Deadline has confirmed.

In a story posted tonight, The New York Times quoted an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences spokeswoman as saying Oscar presenters and performers indeed will be subject to rigorous Covid testing, however.

The Times also noted that audience members in the sections of the Dolby Theatre nearest to the stage won’t be required to wear a mask but will be seated farther apart from one another than usual. Those in the mezzanine, however, must wear a face covering. The Academy is inviting 2,500 people, which is 75% of the venue’s 3,317 capacity.

[Deadline: Oscars: Performers & Presenters Won’t Need Vax, But Nominees & Guests Will – Plus Two Negative Tests]