Parent In Bunny Suit Hands Out Condom-Filled Easter Eggs At Texas Elementary School

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[image via NextDoorStudios of Michael Boston, who was not the parent at the Texas school]

The state recently banned all abortions, so maybe this parent figured it’s better to be safe than sorry? Or, it sounds like it could’ve just been a harmless mistake. Via Star Telegram:

A parent dressed in an Easter Bunny costume caused “chaos” after handing out eggs filled with candy — and some packed with unopened condoms — at an elementary school in Austin, Texas.

Gullett Elementary School officials sent a letter to parents explaining what happened and saying that the visit had not been planned or approved by staff, KXAN reported.

Officials spoke with the parent in the costume, and the Austin ISD Police Department is investigating whether to press charges, KEYE reported. But it may have all been an accident … The parent is a pharmacist who was taking part in a safe sex clinic while dressed in the bunny suit… Afterward, they went to pick up their second-grade student from school and decided to hand out candy, in costume. The parent “got mobbed by kids” and called her husband to bring more candy-filled eggs, the tweet said. “Her husband brought the wrong eggs,” and “chaos ensued.”

[Star Telegram: Parent in bunny suit hands out condom-filled Easter eggs at Texas elementary school]

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