Pathological Liar And Incoming Republican Congressman George Santos Arrested For Using Stolen $700 Check To Buy Clothes

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Today in your favorite MAGA faggot and his psychotic lies, the New York Times has revealed new information that George Santos was arrested in 2008 for using a stolen checkbook and a false identity to purchase $700 worth of clothes from a Brazilian boutique. He admitted his guilt in 2010, but by that time, he had already fled the country with his mother, who Santos has claimed died on 9/11, which was nine years earlier. Via NYT:

By 2008, court records show, Santos and his mother were living in Brazil, just outside Rio de Janeiro in the city of Niterói. Just a month before his 20th birthday, Santos entered a small clothing store and spent nearly $700 in 2008 using a stolen checkbook and a false name, court records show.

Santos has denied that he committed crimes in the United States or abroad. But the Brazilian record shows that he admitted the fraud to both the police and the shopkeeper.

“I know I screwed up, but I want to pay,” he wrote in a message to the store’s owner on Orkut, a popular social media website in Brazil, in August 2009. “It was always my intention to pay, but I messed up.”

In November 2010, Santos and his mother appeared before police, where they both admitted that he was responsible. On Sept. 13, 2011, a Brazilian judge ordered Santos to respond to the case. Three months later, a court official tried to subpoena him, but he could not be found.

By that time, he was back in New York, working at a Dish Network call center in College Point, Queens, company records show.


It’s funny that literally nothing will surprise me about this freak. Maybe tomorrow we’ll find out that he’s a member of the Taliban or the Zodiac killer.

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