BrokeStraightBoy Connor Chesney Wears NRA T-Shirt While Having Gay Sex

Posted October 28, 2014 by with 14 comments

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Fans of guns and gay porn are in luck this week, as BrokeStraightBoys debuts a new fuck scene with Paul Canon and 2nd Amendment supporter Connor Chesney.

Connor proudly wears an NRA t-shirt throughout the new scene, first while being interviewed and then while sucking Paul’s cock.

nra 2 nra 5FYI, the back of the shirt:


It’s unclear whether or not the National Rifle Association approved of the use of their logo in this scene, but Connor Chesney did eventually remove the t-shirt once it was time to get fucked in the ass:


Given their mutual love of guns, I wonder if Connor and Vadim Black are friends? Trailer for Paul Canon fucking Connor Chesney is unembeddable, but you can see it here. (BrokeStraightBoys passes are $1.)


  • Donald Horn

    Paul should’ve been fucked. The NRA shirt adds to the trashy appeal of the site. And they should bring back Kodi as their in-house bottom.

    • andrew

      There is nothing “trashy” about the NRA. Like a lot of special interest groups they have too much influence on government, but a whole lot of good decent Americans belong to it.

      • Donald Horn

        Says you. To me, an NRA tshirt says white trash. The only thing missing was a trucker cap.

        • andrew

          I find your use of the racist phrase “white trash” offensive. You seem to think in stereotypes. Too bad.

  • sxg

    The only time gay porn and guns are fun is when you’re fucking a guy with a gun just like Ricky Sinz did to himself in the Grunts series from Raging Stallion, or when Billy Berlin took one in Arm Of One

  • NG212

    Yeah, I noticed that shit too. Pretty classless tbh.

    • andrew

      Nothing wrong with belonging to the NRA. I don’t, but a lot of good people do.

  • synnerman

    This is my rifle!
    This is my gun!

  • Odetofear

    I heart Paul Cannon

  • Chris Topher

    that is so cool, hell I may not be a fan of broke straight boys but I will be checking that one out. That is what our country needs.

  • His stands for Need Raw Anal


    The Shirt just adds extra since of trashiness 2 a already trashy site !

  • Alan Keddie

    I suppose it could have been worse…

  • Zealot

    Well I for one think it’s comforting to know that Connor could provide you with a hot fuck, then go out and bag dinner.