Paula Abdul Honored By Ariana Grande Music Video That Pays Homage To “Cold Hearted”

Posted January 12, 2024 by with 13 comments

Paula Abdul says it was an “honor” to see Ariana Grande paying “homage” to Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” music video with today’s release of Grande’s “yes, and?” video. In addition to the music video, the song itself mimics “Cold Hearted” (and probably Madonna’s “Vogue”) with the spoken word part. The video:

The melody, lyrics, and vocal performance feel lifeless and unmemorable, and “yes, and?” will obviously never be as iconic or classic as “Cold Hearted.” The video is dull, drab, and extremely unflattering for Grande, who has zero sex appeal. Of course, none of today’s pop stars are allowed to be sexy. The more boring and sexless you are (e.g., Taylor Swift), the better.

Video for Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted,” released in 1989, back when people still looked relatively healthy (on camera, at least) and made catchy songs: